Poker: Help your game! Lesson 2(a)

Weeks 1 & 2 – Research & Training

Hopefully after reading Lesson 1, you’re on board with my advice. If so, I’ll dive a bit deeper into some specific resources that may be useful in your ongoing journey to improve your poker game.

The manuals:

Seek out Poker books by authors such as: Sklansky, Harrington, Blade, Cloutier, Hellmuth, Brunson, Gordon, and Vorhaus…perhaps some Caro just for good measure. Not all at once, of course, but start a wish-list on and start reading. Get used to the idea of being well read and well prepared.

Big picture from all these books: learn the basic starting hand requirements, learn the value of position, learn the basics of calculating odds/outs, and prepare to fold, fold, and fold!


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