Tuesday 9/4/07 Hold ‘Em

Off to a good start in this tourney.  A good mix of decent play, bad luck, and good luck.  I tightened up a bit and played my position a bit better.  It was definitely a “what goes around, comes around” kind of match.  R rivered me in one hand for a decent pot.  Feeling like R got the best of me again, I commented that “500 wasn’t enough to get you off that hand?”, to which he replied that “there was a lot of money in that pot”…which incidentally was COMPLETELY valid.  My bet was inviting considering what was in the pot.  While 500 is 1/10th of our starting stacks and would be considered a sizable bet at a micro level, on a macro level – considering what’s already in the pot at that point, and his odds of making a decent hand – it was a valid call, and a donkey bet/comment on my part.   Though I was tighter and played position better – I should have taken more time to properly size my bets and bet aggressively when I was in a favorable position.  My bets should not be perceived as a party invitation.  Anyway, a few hands later, I did the same to A and busted him out.  I was happy that I was lucky enough to take it down and knock out a strong opponent – but not happy about “rivering” someone.  I guess it happens to all of us and is just part of the game.  I need to learn how to handle those situations with a bit more grace when I’m on the losing side.   Imagine what it would be like in a basketball game if you were frustrated or gave lip-service to your opponent every time they scored a basket?  Nobody would play basketball – it’d just be an all out brawl after the first ball passed through the net.   As a side note, I busted R out in a similar fashion – but didn’t feel as bad about it as I did with A just becase of our earlier encounter.

Anyways, I’ve gotta remember that basketball analogy – I think it’s a good one.  The tough thing is that money is how you keep score in poker, and we’re trained to part with money only in exchange of a product or service.

On to the rest of the evening.  As soon as we went down to 2 tables I started to bleed chips.  Negativity crept into my psyche and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I had some decent rebounds here and there and found myself in a position to double up on a nut flush draw.  I was up against a made straight who had an additional open-ended str8 flush draw…there went 2 of my outs.  Neither of our hands improved and I was out and on to “I heart cash games”. 

 Not this night however, as I did some more chip bleeding to the tune of an additional $50.  B’s got some money to take his daughter somewhere nice or get some last minute school supplies and R’s got some money to refill his Starbucks cup before the next 6 or 7 tourneys.

I walked out feeling like an ugly stripper who paid their employer to work that day and didn’t make enough tips to cover the day’s efforts.   Back to the drawing board!


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  1. No wonder I did not remember the basketball analogy, you ended the blog with a much more colorful one.

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