Can poker be good for you?

I read this article today on another poker blog:  (WARNING:  It’s LONG!!!)

While I do realize it’s written by poker experts/writers and is therefore slanted in favor of Poker – I can’t help but feel that this is not only good reading, but tremendously useful at putting our favorite past-time into perspective.  I must say though that it would have been nice to see the authors give an opposing viewpoint (or at least validate one or two).  For example, while playing poker *can* teach people to be patient, etc – the immediate feedback and frequent *action* can become addictive.  I understand that being an action junkie can result in immediate negative feedback in the form of monetary losses – which would persuade the average player to modify their behavior.  However – the power of addiction can be disease-like for some people, and therefore completely trump logic – and I think the authors do readers a disservice by not acknowledging the notion that poker can become a destructive addiction for some people.

Nonetheless it is a persuasive article that really sheds some light onto real life applicability of skills learned at the poker table. 

Now, I’m not sure how my non-poker playing friends would react to this article, but it was comforting to me to read that some of the subconscious reasons I’ve been playing so much recently are exposed in print here.  I’ve put lots of time and energy into studying poker recently, I’ve been playing regularly, evaluating my play – giving equal focus on good and not-so-good decisions, and thinking/writing about things as if I were being asked to teach a beginner.  This article gives me a greater appreciation for my hobby/passion and emphasizes the importance of making wise decisions in the real world.  I hope you enjoy it too!


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  1. Ty for the post, I found your blog while writing in mine. I’ll check out the article.

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