Misery loves poker chips

I only write today because I’ve made a committment to myself to do so.  Last night was, for the most part, abysmal.  I was fairly card-dead.  During the tourney I accumulated chips pretty much only by being selectively aggressive.  Awkward looking flops that hit me (while in the SB/BB) that weren’t likely to hit my opponents induced them to bet, and I came over-top aggressively to take the hand down.  I feel this worked for 2 reasons:  1) I’d actually played tight to that point…so I felt my image was pretty good.  2) I could sense some weakness and wanted to know where I stood.  The only other positive result during the tourney came when I executed a bluff against Z, which I flashed to T before I mucked.  Those eyes rolled up over top of her glasses and she shot me a priceless smirk.  Probably knowing that Z would get the best of me later.  Later happened sooner once I hit the dumb end of an open ended str8 draw (and K high flush draw), Z just happened to have pocket 10’s – which completed the higher end of the str8 – and crushed me once again.

 The “I h8 cash game” afterwards was just as card-dead.  The only time I hit a flop was when I wasn’t involved in the hand or if my opponent was making a move on me w/ 7-2.  R had his usual INCREDIBLY good luck, and B seemed to fare pretty well once again too.  R seems to show/throw bluffs at other players to take down the hand, but always seems to have the nuts when he mixes up with me.   I ALWAYS seem to get into trouble with him.  I was seeking revenge at times (against nobody in particular) during the cash game, and it turned into a recipe for disaster.  

As a side note, a tell indicating weakness does not always mean you should call w/ A high.  It doesn’t mean they have nothing, but it *can* be an indicator that they’re weak – perhaps bottom pair, etc.  So, in deciding what to do – consider the bet size, raising, calling, folding, your own hand strength, their posisble hand distribution, action to that point, remaining chip-stacks, conflicting tells, etc.

 Final reminder to self:  long-term…long-term…long-term.  Always think long-term!


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  1. I refuse to comment on blogs I am not mentioned in. :-)

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