Back in Biz

Ok – the “Think Long Term” mantra was in full effect last night.  No donkey plays whatsoever.  Primo stuff all the way.  No A9’s, etc.  No major flaws or even minor ones that I recall during the tourney.  I went out w/ AK vs 66 with less than 10x the BB, so no real complaints.  On the busting hand the opener made a raise for about 1/4 of his chipstack.  He’d been playing MANY pots up till that point, and I’d pegged him as loose-passive, so my re-raise all-in should get respect.   He’d limped earlier vs R w/ AJs and had a lucky run to make a str8 beating her AQ.  So I thought my move was appropriate considering past history.  Neither of us improved our hands, and I was out – on to the cash game.

 At the cash game within the first hand or two I saw KK in the hole.  G made a modest raise ahead of me, I doubled her bet – actually hoping she’d stick around and that others would realize a raise & re-raise meant fireworks.  Flop came w/ two 5’s on the board.  Incidentally G had A5s, and therefore flopped a set.  Hard to put someone on A5 when you have K’s and there’s no A on the board.  Gotta believe your hand is still good.  Anyway, I wasn’t happy about the beat and being that I wear my heart on my sleeve, everyone knew I wasn’t happy about it.  It was difficult to control my emotions as I kept saying, “A5”???  Later, I put a similar hurting on some others w/ A3s to which I received some much deserved ribbing.  It IS worth seeing a flop sometimes with a hand like that.  You either hit it big, or you don’t – and it’s possible to get away from it.  A lot of times you’re looking for your flush or str8 draws and even flopping an A doesn’t really get you too excited because you know you’re easily dominated.  

One other notable hand happened when the flop was AKQ or something.  I floped a K, and there was timid action.  I bet and got called, so the warning flags were up.  The turn brought a 6, which gave me 2 pair.  K & 6.  P bet.  I raised.  A re-raised, P went all-in.  I felt sick to my stomach but in my heart knew that I was lucky I didn’t push all-in w/ my 2 pair and though I’d put a significant amount of chips in already, the information I needed was flashing right before my eyes.  P had flopped a str8 and A may have had 2 pair, a set, or also flopped a str8.  I mucked and got over it so quickly it wasn’t even funny.  I was patting myself on the back for laying it down, even though it was pretty obvious that that was the right thing to do.

Down a bit for the night, but all-in all, pretty good play! 


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