Signs of profitability

OK – so no need to get too crazy yet, but I did play a few hours online today.  The general vibe I got was that I did fairly well in the tourneys that I played and eventually got to where I was anxious to play in a cash game…even better!

Rather than the $0.05/0.10 cash games I’ve been playing in and walking away completely pissed off, I decided that since I played $0.25/0.50 at the Castle, why not try it online.  My bankroll was at a state that I could take the chance, and oh what a difference it made.  120% return on investment.  The variables that I think made a difference:

1) I selected a table where the stats indicated that 60% of the time the players were seeing a flop – which I felt would increase the odds that I’d catch some loose players.

2) Less/no “bad beats”.  Any time another player did suckout, they rightfully believed they had the best hand.  Higher limits, higher skills.  Little/No chasers.

3) I did pay attention to players habits and profiled them fairly accurately. 

4) That lead to playing the player and not the cards.  

5) I consciously decided that there would be situations where I’d pay a player off in order to gain information (not to mention, distort their image of me if they were paying attention).

My hand selection varied depending on who was in, their position, my position, my estimation of their abilities, their tight/passive/loose/aggressive tendencies, etc.   When I had a hunch that something was fishy I literally raised certain players with utter shite just because I pegged them as passive and I was in position – and earned a decent % of the winnings as a result.

I truly feel that if I keep up the “situational play” and balance that with solid basic strategy when neccessary, I’ll continue to feel good about my play and hopefully improve earnings. 

Everybody’s game can always use a bit of work.  Today and Friday were good opportunities to work on the cash game strategy – and dialogues w/ players on Friday night were beneficial later that night as well as this evening. It pays to add people as a “friend” in the online social networking world.  :-) 

As my study continues (Harrington on Hold ‘Em is next) I hope to see better results in the tourneys.  I’d like to work on dealing with standard changes in the tourney (being re-seated, new players at the table, losing a player, coming off of a break, etc).  Not to mention shifting gears when blinds increase and handling scenarios where I’ve got 10+- BB’s left in the chipstack. 

All for tonight – time for bed.  Looking forward to Tuesday!


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  1. Harrington is one of my Favorite NL holdem Tournament players. His book was not.
    My favorite book is “The Theory of Poker” David Skalansky. Harrington has a very hard style of poker to play due to the discipline involved. He doesn’t play to win, only to survive. Although I admire his play and commend his survival methods, that is never what i want my goal to be.
    I hope you gain more from his book then I did.


  2. Haven’t started reading it yet, but I suspect you may be right. Did you read Volume II? I think that’s supposed to address later tournament strategy…going beyond “survival” mode. Sklansky was good. Just read a few of the “Killer Poker” books too and particularly liked, “Killer Poker By The Numbers”.

  3. I did not read Volume II.
    I do not enjoy reading poker books. Fantasy fiction, westerns, or sci-fi.
    I have read several of them though because i was forced.
    My dad is a pretty good player, and he reads them all.
    Highlighting everything i need to read.
    or summerizing it over a phone call.
    But in the few situations he has forced me to read the whole book.


  4. I love Harrington v.2. It really does help with the “endgame” of a tourney. I have all three of his books and had him autograph them (poker groupie!). BTW, he just won a big WPT event for $1.xx million.
    Harrington v1 is mostly about situations where you have 100s of BB’s, and that is rarely the case at the Castle, so Vol.2 is more appropriate.

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