9/20/07 Re-buy Tourney

First things first…until yesterday I thought B was much older (Happy Birthday BTW) and thought E was much younger.  The two were in a festive mood in honor of B’s birthday.  Shame he didn’t make it further in the Tourney…shame I didn’t either.  Oh well.

Card-dead is pretty much the only way I can sumarize things.  After we consolidated to 2 tables I really only had one move seeing as I had less than 10X the BB.  So I waited for decent opportunities to push all-in.  It worked twice if I remember right and I picked up the blinds.  Good enough to buy some time until I pick up a decent hand, but still really only leaving me with one move.  There are 2 hands which I think were notable:

1)  When the tables had consolidated to 2, I *believe* I was the BB and nobody had raised.  I peeked at my hole cards and basically couldn’t wait for someone to raise/bet so that I could get the hell away from the hand and move on.  A flop came with 8, 4, J if I remember correctly.  I’d had an 8 in a previous hand and confused it with this one, being early to act I pushed all-in thinking I had an 8.  After I made the move, I didn’t peek at my cards.  I had an air of confidence mixed with a hope that I didn’t get called.  S considered it for a while and ultimately folded.  I took a peek at my hole cards before tossing them in and to my surprise it was 10-3…which I showed the table.  Was this brilliant?  Yes and No.  No because it was totally unintentional.  I actually thought I hit the 8.  Yes because there was a moment of doubt that I actually had an 8 while S was deliberating.  Upon this realization, rather than give away any tells, I kept humming along as if I were sure I had this wrapped up and that I really could care less if I got any action.  I also resisted the urge to peek at my cards  – fearing that it would project uncertainty.   The moral of the story:  sometimes you have to play the situation/players rather than the cards.  It also demonstrates some of the ingredients of a successful bluff:  1) consistent story, 2) imagine you have XY hole cards and play as if you do after the flop, 3) no-double checking hole cards, 4) do not appear confrontational (vs opponents that you think may be watching for this tell).   This certainly wasn’t a turning point, nor a stroke of brilliance, just a real-life example of some things you read about in books in regards to bluffing/tells.

2)  The other hand that stands out is the one I busted out on.  There were a few of us with similar stacks (10X the BB or less) so there was bound to be some all-in fireworks.  My hole cards were A-10 (on the button I think) and I couldn’t wait to put pressure on any limpers/blinds.  To my surprise, R moved all-in ahead of me.  I contemplated and reasoned that she was in exactly the same boat that I was in.  ANY pocket pair, ANY Ace, or ANY suited King would be worthy of an all-in for her.  I decided that there was a high probability that we were in a coin-flip situation if she had an under-pair and that my 10 would at least be live if she also held an Ace.  I really hoped she had a low/medium pocket pair and that both cards would be live.  In my mind, there were enough possibilities that made it worthwhile for me to call.  So I did.  She showed pocket 9’s and I was actually relieved.  It was about as good of a situation as I could hope for.  As the community cards began to appear the situation looked pretty grave.  And when all was said and done she had a 9-high straight flush.  I guess if you’re gonna go out, go out against a hand like that.  No complaints whatsoever.  I felt I used the information I had to narrow down my opponents possible holdings and made an educated decision.  I think I made the right decision under the circumstances – and if nothing else the exercise of narrowing down her possible holding under the circumstances was rewarding.

Nothing else of note other than B (and J for that matter) demonstrating, once again, a high degree of ethical conduct at the tourneys.  The people that host/manage these events have consistently demonstrated honesty, integrity, and respect for all members.  Truly impressive.  A pleasure to be amongst people with such character.

Back at it again tonight in SJ – walking distance this time.  NICE!!!


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