Saturday 9/22/07 – High Roller Event

Only 5 of us, and we deliberated beforehand as to how much to play for.  We opted for $50 instead of $100 (which I was a big fan of, as $100 can be emotionally difficult for me to let go of).  Turns out, I should have cast my vote for it to stay at $100 as I won the winner-takes-all event!

Somehow S, B, and G all ended up in a big pot together only a short time into the event.  It escalated into 3 all-in players and S ended up on the winning end with a double KO to B & G.  She was the boss now, and R and I had to pick our battles wisely.  With 3 of us left, I found myself as the short-stack.

Since 2 players were just elmiminated I decided to take a minute to really think about how the table dynamics had changed.  One very large stack.  One medium stack.  One short-stack (me).  I decided I still had more than 10X the BB so there wasn’t a *huge* rush.  However, the button rotates quickly when there’s only 3 players, so I didn’t have all the time in the world.  I decided I would have to out-play them and just gradually chip-away.  All-in was not going to be my first instinct – I was going to run through other scenarios first before committing all of my chips.  All-in was my last resort.

Turned out this was a good decision.  When R and S were betting or limping, I made attempts to put them on a hand – and vocalized it to them as I worked through their bets, etc.  I feel this built up my credibility and my status as a possible threat to them no matter what my chipstack said (only because it turned out that I had some pretty good reads on their hole cards as they confirmed).  I didn’t have chips to waste, but I could still be aggressive at the right times.  This worked pretty well for the most part.  Never really got re-raised except for one time by S.

I had KJ, and I raised 3X the BB.  She came over top of me all-in and had me covered.  There was 3,600+- already in the pot.  She had 9,000+ behind her – and I had just over 7,000 and was now the middle-stack.   I couldn’t believe I was being asked to commit all of my hard earned chips on KJ.  I really thought about calling.  I even asked for time while I went to the bathroom and contemplated some more.  Ultimately the gap concept in conjunction with my confidence that I could get my chips back thru R if I knocked him out and then have a fighting chance against S convinced me to lay it down and pick another battle.  Turns out she had Q9s and a quick run of the flop/turn/river showed that my hand would have held up.  Oh well – more incentive to pick the right battles. 

Shortly thereafter, R was lucky enough to take some chips from S, and she was hurting.  He was now in 2nd, me in 1st, and S in 3rd.  S got knocked out.  The very next hand ended the event when R and I were heads up and I was lucky enough to pick up JJ and he held A something.  The JJ held up and I won the event.   It was a very very hard battle.  

Though things looked grim, I didn’t panic and didn’t resort to all-in play because the blinds weren’t too steep.  I chipped away, earned respect in the process, made some tough laydowns, and sent boys in to do a boys job and sent men in to do a man’s job.   Total profit $200.  Not bad, but kicking myself cause it could have been $400.  :-)


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