Saturday Points Extravaganza & Sunday Freeroll

My apologies to regular readers as I skipped a few days worth of games.  Was shocked to hear from a few of you that you missed the blog entries.  Thanks for the encouragement to keep it up.

The Points Extravaganza was a last minute decision for me.  I was on the fence because I wasn’t in jeopardy of getting knocked out of the top 20.  I ultimately decided to go because I figured there’d be a lot of money on the table and there would be an opportunity to practice some player observation.  It was a worthwhile exercise indeed and fit with my idea of long-term results thinking.   It was nice to see some new faces – hope they had enough fun with the group and that they decide to return.  One of the new faces was R, who hadn’t really played much at all and at the break was very low in chips.  I whispered to him that his best bet was going to be to pick a hand he really liked and get all of his chips in there.  I was being helpful – and the advice was well received.  Too well received unfortunately as he did exactly that, and with me being the big-stack, I was put in the position of being the “hero” several times.  All I did was bleed chips to him on each occasion.  Shouldda kept my big mouth shut til after the event!  :-)

 Things got interesting later when it was heads up (me vs S).  I was a huge leader at the time.  S limped on the button and I found myself in the BB with pocket 9’s and pushed all in.  I got  a quick call and saw that S had rockets.  Doubled him up, but I was still in the lead.  Next hand:  I had K9 and pushed all in.  S called w/ K7…of course a 7 hits and he doubles up again.  I’m down to pretty much nada and shrivel into 2nd place with junk vs better junk.  Oh well – still $160 extra in my pocket for the night.

Started off with a quick double-up which was comforting.  I held JQ and the flop came 8, 9, 10.  There were 2 spades, but I figured someone would bet. I believe I checked and there was action behind me that indicated that someone else really liked the flop.  I decided that at least 1 person must have REALLY liked the flop and that I could pretty easily double up if I pushed all in.  The only real worry I had was if someone was on a spade draw (there were 2 of them on the board) or str8 flush draw.  I had to make it costly for anyone to call and draw out on me, so “all-in” I went.  Turns out R had 6-7 for the low end of the str8.  A hand she couldn’t easily fold, so she called.  My had held up and I was good to go.  Later in the tournament I got into trouble with pocket 5’s (lesson learned) and succumbed to J’s aggression when I had the best hand.  Sucks to be out of position and get re-raised when you’ve got a decent hand, but certainly not the nuts.   I still had 11K in chips – plenty in relation to the blinds.  E was somewhat short-stacked and I was observant enough to know that she would be putting all of her chips in any time she got involved.  I woke up to AK and put the pressure on her to decide if she wanted to go all the way with her hand.  Turns out she had pocket 7’s, called, and doubled up.  I was done shortly after that and was on to a cash game with my $25 winnings.  Not sure if there’s a lesson to be learned there other than for me to be careful of who I pick on and when I do it.  Nothing wrong with sending a boy to do a boys job and giving yourself an opportunity to outplay someone.  All-in moves don’t give you a chance to do that, so you need to decide when it’s time to try to outplay someone and when it’s time to get it all in there.

The cash game was nice.  I got off to a huge lead when I turned the $25 into $15o in just a few hands.  In one hand K and I both had trip 5’s.  Neither one of us is going anywhere with that hand.  I pushed, he called – he had a better kicker, but the poker gods were kind enough to pair my other hole card (4) to give me a full house.  A bad beat to some degree – but as I said, neither of us was going anywhere with trips.   Bits and bobs of ups/downs after that until it was me, G, and J left in the cash game.  We decided that this would be the last hand.  I had AK of diamonds.  Flop was Q-10-2 I think.  I had a gutshot.  G had 2 pair.  Turn brought the J which gave me the nuts (at the time).  G was playing back at me, so I figured he might have 2 pair or trips.   I really hoped he did as I planned to move all-in based on that hunch.  He contemplated for a long long time and ultimately called (showing Q-2).  Another $50ish in my pocket for a grand total on Sunday of $237. 

$397 for the weekend. Nice!


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