Tuesday Bloody Tuesday

What’s there to say.  I don’t actually remember much from last night’s tourney or cash game.  I even stated during the cash game that I didn’t feel like I was really in a “poker” mindset for some reason.   The gaping hole in my pocket at the end of the night backed that up bigtime!

I will say that I did attempt a bluff early on – and a credible one at that.  I think most people would have folded to my aggression, but I was up against an opponent I’d never played before.  It cost me my whole stack and set the tone for the night.  The short version of the story is that my opponent had K’s, which was one of my hunches based on her pre-flop raise size.  I thought through the way I wanted the entire hand to play out before deciding what to do pre-flop.  I decided that if there was an A, that I was gonna go gonzo.  I called the pre-flop raise, and the flop had an A and a J in there.  I had the J, but thought that this was a perfect time to check-raise and posture that I had the A and execute my plan – afterall, I called a big pre-flop raise, why wouldn’t she think I had an A.  She wasn’t buying it.  Called the re-raise and when I pushed all-in on the turn, she thought about it and called with the K’s.  Nobody at the table could believe she called it, I couldn’t either, but it turns out it was a great call and I was re-buying right away.  So went the rest of the night!

I did practice one of my learnings from Sunday’s Freeroll last night.  It was a situation where I had AK and I was unsure of my opponents holding.  On Sunday I put all my chips in before the flop and lost the race against E’s 7’s if I remember right.  Not a “bad” play, but by putting all my chips in I didn’t give myself a chance to outplay my opponent after the flop.  Depending on the opponents chip-stack that may not be an option.  While I’d certainly be willing to get it all in there if I had to, why should I be the one initiating it.  It ensures there’ll be 5 community cards shown – which has it’s up-side when  you’re more or less drawing, but it doesn’t give me a chance to outplay my opponent and doesn’t give me a chance to get away from it if my opponent’s chipstack is enough to cripple me if I get called and lose.  I recognized just such a scenario last night, raised appropriately, but got away from it after getting the info I needed about my opponents strength, their position, their chipstack (probably willing to go all-in), and their overall image.  Happy to have walked out of that relatively unscathed and it turned out to be one of the highlights of my night actually – despite unloading a pocket full of bills.

Note to self:  be aware of what hand rankings you’ll need at showdown to beat certain opponents.   Great, Good, or Average to win?  Who’s susceptible to traps?  Which opponents will never fold a “good/decent” hand?  Despite last night’s empty pockets – your brain is a bit more full – keep the chin up!   


3 Responses

  1. OK what I thought was… if you called a big raise that means you have very good high cards or a lower pocket pair. The ace comes up and you re-raise A LOT, why would you do that? I thought you just wanted me out of the hand. Then the Queen came up and I called the all-in worried that you had pocket queens, not worried about the ace.

    I’m sure some people were surprised but they probably have made riskier calls before, so it doesn’t bother me.

    Again, sorry :S

  2. :-) Don’t get me wrong – you played it like a champ! The check-raise was 3X your bet ($500 to $1500) which I thought would be legit based on pot size, check-raise tactics, etc. The all-in was definitely a shot at buying the pot – but probably still less than pot-sized at that point. I decided it was pump or dump time, so all-in they went…too much in the pot to not be aggressive and try to take it down. Putting the pressure on you to decide was my only hope. Cheers!

  3. Later on I lost most of my chips in a similar situation… I had Ks and raised a looot preflop, and the guy called with AJ, got his ace on the flop and went all in, which was close to the initial raise, so I called… and that was close to the end for me


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