Thursday Night w/ Re-buys

No re-buys for me, which is a good thing.  I had some whoppers and had a great chip lead in the tourney.  Flexed my muscle with 2 raises ahead of me when I found myself w/ Q’s.  A pot worth stealing, and one in which any callers would likely be behind.  E caught up with a K and D was KO’d.  I still had plenty to fight with.  And fight I did.  Tried to pick up a raised pot again by pushing all-in w/ 77, and was called by Z’s Q’s.  BOOM!  Just like that, out!  Overly aggressive?  Yes!  Play it the same in the future?  Dunno…However, I’m starting to wonder if there’s some kind of curse.  If there’s pocket 7’s anywhere around the table, I’m gonna get stacked  – whether I’m holding them or if someone else is. 

On to “I heart cash game”.  Me & A heads up and I stacked him pretty quick.  A bit more of the same after that, then others started to sit down at the table – which I think plays to A’s strengths.   A is a tough customer – and is someone that I think has +EV in the long run, so once there was other participants, I was very tempted to get up and leave while I was ahead.  I decided to stay till 11.  One bad call from me when I should have picked up on a tell from A.  One great call from me later when I did pick up on a tell from S.  Which ones they are, I’ll keep to myself – but suffice it to say that those two hands spoke very loudly about the benefits of “playing the player”.  $65 in profit from the cash game.  Not bad.  Including the buy-in from the tourney, up for the night.  :-) 


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