Saturday Bounty Tourney

Got off to a good start and then was card-dead for a while.  While at the final table I got pretty short-stacked and doubled up to give myself some breathing room.  Made some good all-ins that didn’t get called (perhaps part table image and part lack of a calling hand by opponets).  I really felt I might have a chance at coming in 4th.  T’was not to be.  My final all-in move got 2 callers.  D and R.  R had AA again for the 4th time…he’d get one more later apparently.  When you’re hot you’re hot.  I had JQ of diamonds.  D ended up hitting a straight to take it down and it kept him WAY alive.  I hear he eventually split the pot w/ J.

Anyway, as is becoming the norm, I was off to the cash game.  I pretty quickly burned off $40 and was ready to drive my car off a cliff.  Glad I didn’t.  I reasoned that I was actually playing well, and luck was the variable that was working against me.  I didn’t mess around with another $20 buy in…I went straight for $40.  I recovered pretty quickly and actually even hit a straight with my 7-2 of diamonds which sweetened the pot even more.   As was the case earlier this week, we finally decided “this will be our last hand”.  This time I found pocket J’s.  I was SB.  Y was BB, and B was dealer (straddled).  I was first to act and raised.  Y called, B pushed all in.  I called (thought about going over top to keep Y out, but just called – thinking it wouldn’t be so bad if I could get all of his chips too).  B had AK.  My J’s held up, and it marked the end of a very challenging evening that was full of ups and downs.  The recovery effort yielded about $96 (should have been $106…the bank was short apparently).  Only up $16 for the night, but many lessons learned and I was eventually rewarded for somewhat solid play, good patience, and – I admit – even a good amount of luck (I hit 4 outers in a few small pots and hit the flop nearly every time I was in a hand).  Looking forward to a few days off.  May skip a day this week just to recover.


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