The Fish Come Out at Night

In the spirit of getting my crap together, I got up early today.  Took good care of Zack.  Knocked out an appraisal in PA, bustled back to SJ and inspected a condo, took Zack to the park for some soccer, went for a 2 mile jog (knee hurt like hell), cooked dinner, showered up, hit Trials for a pint and some good reading.  Harrington on Hold ‘Em V1.

 After having not played for a while and reflecting on my experience last Thursday where I put Z on a specific hand and got too distracted later in the hand to hold off on betting my trip 8’s, I decided that before I get back into things that I need to be disciplined and factor what I know into my decision making…no exceptions. 

The results so far look promising.   I partook in two $5 buy-in short-handed tourneys and took 1st place in both.  I’m quitting while I’m ahead – satisfied with my play and my alertness level.  Stress is relieved to some degree, and I’ve got a lot to be proud of before bed as far as my game goes.

Some highlights:  big laydowns, good positional plays, good player profiling, good respect for the gap concept, good rope-a-dope execution, good chip management, and more actually.  On top of that, it seems there’s a lot of guys who drink on Wednesday nights and decide they want to play online poker.  Here fishy fishy!

If I were superstitious I’d say that I need to  exercise, eat a salad, drink 2 beers, eat a small slice of cheesecake, and read Harrington prior to any poker playing! 


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