Confidence is soaring…sort of…

Despite all the unfortunate circumstances I find myself in at the moment and the unfortunate circumstances of several close friends, my confidence is on the upswing.  I’ve been better about exercise, diet, and sleep lately.  I’ve been getting up earlier, gotten more done, and have just been generally a bit more motivated.  I finally got a library card.  I started a network marketing Meetup Group (via  I’ve been seeking Realtors and Attorneys as business contacts, with warm receptiveness from all.  I’ve been running and playing soccer…and though I’m sadly out of shape, I’ve had fun during those endeavors.  And I’ve got an offer for my Vespa…so the garage will be ready to take a 2nd car if neccessary…or to stick the Foosball table out there.  On top of that, Zack seems to be heading in the right direction as a result of his chemotherapy.   I wish there were a few more people in my extended friend/family network that were responding to their treatment as well as Zack seems to be.

On a completely different topic, but the one you most likely came here to read about, my Hold ‘Em game appears to be fairly solid at the moment (you knew I’d get to it eventually).  LOADS of success at the $5 buy-in short-handed tourney’s over the last few days.  The last 48 hours have been similar to Thursday’s success.  I’d guess that for the week I’ve cashed 70% of the time (meaning first or 2nd).  I’m proud of my hand selection pretty much across the board.  My pre-flop play has become much more solid.  No noticeable holes.  Generally my post flop is pretty good as well, however – I did make one possible slip-up today by calling a raise after the flop on a draw.  It later got too pricey for me and I folded after shipping off 1/2 of my chips.  I say “possible” slip-up because I called what was an overbet in hopes that it’d slow my opponent down and possibly buy me a free card later on.  No such luck as my opponent was in position and had a nice-sized stack.  Another big bet indicating that chasers weren’t welcomed and could call at their own risk.  I got the message, albeit a little late, and folded prior to seeing a river card.  I recovered nicely after that with what I hope is becoming habitually solid play, enough so to actually take 1st place in the tourney.

After the recent wins, I’ve started contemplating bigger buy-ins for the short-handed games.  The sweet spot for me within the short-term future would be consistent success at the $30 table.   If I remember right, a 1st place win at that level gets you $119 and 2nd gets you $61 or something.  The current rate of success at that level could answer a lot of prayers for me at the moment, but I refuse to jump the gun.  I’ll stick around the $5 buy-ins on Sunday if I play at all, and perhaps give the $10 tables a try this week.

Additionally, I think I’ve seen greater success at night.  I wonder if it’d be smarter to try to play 3 $10 tables simultaneously.  The skill level of opponents may be lower, I won’t run the risk of getting bored or distracted either.  It’s quite possible that the $30 table players are better skilled no matter what time of day and my success could be hampered.  Ahhh…things to consider, things to ponder!


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