Just couldn’t wait

Ok, so before bed I decided to give the multi-table theory a whirl.  Excellent results.  2 Tables, and took first in one and got busted in the other.  Another 2 Tables and took first in both.  75% win-rate so far.  It might be smart to not start them both at the same time in the future because people were getting eliminated at roughly the same rate and the pace got very frantic as  the number of players left at each table began to dwindle.  2 heads-up battles at the end is enough to make you crazy and is a lot of pressure.  The action and ability/neccessity to focus were stimulating.  I think 2 at a time will be the norm moving forward, unless it’s during biz hours.  :-)


2 Responses

  1. Yep, offset the starts, unless you’re a real automatron. I’ve watched a vid of someone that I know via the internet playing 8 SnGs at the same time, and I can’t even follow the action. In his case each game pops up when action is required so it’s really hard to keep one game separate from the others. You see his mouse circle around the screen, determine his action, click, and then another table pops up. Crazy.

  2. What site do you play on? I’ve been thinking about starting up again…

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