Friday 10/26 NL Hold ’em

Was in good shape most of Friday’s tourney.  Took a bit of a beating at one point which knocked me down to about 8X the BB.  I was in cutoff and found myself with A8 and everyone folding to me.  I pushed all-in (which is supposed to have long-term EV+), but got called by “the-man-with-a-hand”…S.  It almost never fails that if he’s at the table and I find myself in desperation that he’s the one who ends up being the hero of the table.  Doesn’t always knock me out, but he almost always has a hand he can call me with.  On Friday he had JJ which held up and sent me packing.

Cash game was ok until S (not the same one mentioned above) showed up at the table.  He was solid during the tourney, so was shocked to see him at the cash game so quickly after I sat down there.  In any event, I lost my $20 buy-in and decided that $50 was enough for me for one night considering my financial situation.  Despite the loss, I was happy because I still had plenty of money in my pocket and could have kept playing if I wanted to.  I know very little about S’s game, other than he has apparently been coaching T…which is a credit to him I guess.  With a lack of any meaningful knowledge about his game and the rate he was accumulating chips, I thought it best to bow out and come back the next day – starting fresh.

If I ever get the balls to play a cash game at a casino/card room I’ll need to practice the same discipline.  Leave if I can’t profile an obviously good player or if I just generally feel out-classed. 


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