Saturday 10/27 NL Hold ’em

Small group – only 6 of us.  We decided that 2nd would get their buy-in back and that 1st would take down the rest.  After an early bust, we decided we’d allow re-buys for the 1st hour.  Again, I was in good shape for the most part.  B caught a lucky river card to force our first re-buy and quickly was the chip leader.  He had to do some shopping though and left the table for a good 20-30 minutes while we blinded him out.  During that time, I accumulated enough to be the chip-leader.  I got caught up in a hand with R where I’d flopped top pair, him middle pair.  He bet, I raised and he called.  The turn paired the middle card (a 2nd 6), he bet, I raised, he pushed all-in.  That told me all I needed to know and I got away from the hand…but not without a little much-warranted chastising.  I’d lost a lot of chips – but I was glad I didn’t wager any more than I did…I still had a fighting chance.  I did not over-play top pair.  I didn’t go broke on just a pair.  I bet for information and was fortunate enough to have my question answered.  Things could have been worse.   Later I bled some more chips to B and left myself with about 5.5X the BB.  Not much.  Blinds were 300/600 and I had just over $3,000 in chips if I remember right.  Something different happened during this game.  I really shook off the loss to B pretty quick and didn’t stew over it at all.  I was confident that despite the run of bad luck, I was playing really good poker and that I wasn’t making many mistakes…and when I was, they were small ones.  It was comforting, despite me now being the short stack.

Time to get aggressive.  With my stack being what it was and the blinds as they were, every time I entered a pot for the next few minutes was going to be for all of my chips.  I had a run of legitimate short-stack-all-in hands that got respect and I was able to steal the blinds enough times without being contested such that I had at least 10X the BB.  I could afford to slow down and wait for something a bit more primo…which I did.  I found myself in a hand with B where I hit a monster and knocked him out.  I now had a commanding lead.  K was the short stack and it was time for him to make a move.  I showed him some respect by laying down A8 when he pushed all in…and I showed it to him as a psychological maneuver.  I wanted to show that I wanted to maintain the chip lead, that I wasn’t interested in gambling or being the hero.  If he was going to get lots of chips from someone it was going to be R…and not me, and that if he got a call from me I was going to have something substantial.  He eventually went bye bye which left me heads up with R.  It was over pretty quickly from that point and we were on to a cash game.  I began the cash game with confidence and swaggar from the 1st place finish in the tourney.

I was sort of frustrated because there wasn’t much chip trading going on, and with the vet bills piling up week after week, I really could use some help from my friends.  We pretty much came to what was going to be the last hand.  I had 2-3, or 3-4 or something.  There was a raise to $2 and I reluctantly called…only because I was on the button and thought it should be very easy to get away from should the flop not hit me in any way…and because my hand would be very deceptive considering a $2 raise pre-flop.  If it was the last hand, I reasoned that I’d still be up about $3 for the cash game…so who cared about the difference between $3 and $5 profit?

Much to my surprise the flop brought me a straight.  There was some betting and some calling.  Everyone seemed to like it…and I liked that.  The next card was meaningless.  E and B checked to me as I remember, I bet a modest amount.  E pushed all-in.  B pushed all-in.  I decalred that I was all-in.  Happy 4th of July…here’s the fireworks I’d been hoping for!  E had A5 for 2 pair.  If I remember right, B had flopped a set of 5’s.  And my straight held up.  As Wayne & Garth would say, “Schaaawiiiiing”.  Adios amigos!  After subtracting my buy-ins for each event, I was up $237 for the night.  Monday’s Oncologist appointment should be break-even if the past few weeks have been any indication.  Whew!!

As a pretty important side note, we all had a LOT of fun during this tourney.  There was some really good spirited ribbing amongst us that made for a LOT of laughs.  On top of that, there were two new members whose company I really enjoyed.  One seemed fairly new to the game but seems to have potential.  I liked that the rest of us were open to discussing hands with him afterwards – showed that the spirit of the group is to help each other get better and that money is just the way we keep score.  You won’t get that in a casino.  They’ll mark you as a fish and you’ll be left to figure out why your pocket is empty all by yourself.


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  1. I would start as blog to give you some competition but im very random and doubt i could stay on poker, next thing you would know id be on midgets, strip clubs, and underrated cartoons.

    then again my grammer is that of a 3rd grader which also affects the decision


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