A quick post for my loyal readers

Sounds so pompous, but I think it’s funny that my poker friends are commenting that I haven’t blogged for a while and I’m glad they’re encouraging me to write…it’s much appreciated.  Not to mention, I think it’s vital to my continued improvement.

Here’s the recent juice:

1)  Early in playing with J, I pegged him as someone who’d stay in with a big hand (pocket K’s) even if there was and A on the board.  Recently in a cash game I flopped a pair of A’s while heads up against him.  I overbet the pot knowing that he *might* make a mistake and call if he had a big pocket pair.  He called, and I was stoked!  The board contained A-7-X.  Turn, River, blah blah blah.  At showdown I was confident that he’d have K’s or Q’s or something that he just couldn’t get away from.  To my surprise he held pocket 7’s and had flopped a set!  Wee!!!  Lesson learned!

 2)  If you have poker books…go back and read them, even if you’ve read them once or twice!  I did recently, and decided that this past week’s mission would be to focus on “playing well rather than feeling well”.  It’s part of a long-term outlook strategy.  If you play well, you’ll reap rewards over time.  Feeling well is only temporary.  By playing well you will inherently feel well…unless of course you take a massive kick in the pants during a large buy-in event and that was your last chance at paying the mortgage.  Then you can get upset.  Anyway, this was the perfect week for me to start practicing this philosophy as I found myself taking one horrible beat after another online and on Sunday’s live game at G’s house.  When the beats happened, I stayed pretty cool (for me) and got back to playing solid poker.  I had a lot to be proud of, even if my wallet wasn’t any fatter!

3)  Last night’s tourney was a hoot!  I felt pretty good for the most part.  2 mistakes that I can think of.  One, raising with KQ in early-mid position then getting a somewhat short-stacked raiser going all-in (J again incidentally) and sort of being priced in to call with someone who most likely had a big pair or at least an A.  I lost that one and was devastated…down to one BB left.  Time for short-stack poker (which I’m actually starting to get the hang of for whatever reason).  We were still at 2 tables at the time I think, and I did bounce back to take 3rd (amazingly)…after winning a couple of coin-flips for a change (including one quasi-suckout).  I was short-stacked though and was going to make sure that if my chips were in there that there was gonna be 5 cards on the board (whew!).  Anyway – my 3rd place finish was with mixed emotions.  Stoked because of the magnitude of my comeback but disappointing because I was actually the chip-leader when we were 3 handed.  I raised to $6K w/ A6 (a good hand 3 handed).  L re-raised me all-in.  I didn’t think he looked at his cards, and he’s SUPER aggressive short-handed – not to mention, I’d been pushing all in on his BB earlier on in order to put the pressure on him rather than him putting the pressure on me (and others)…though I did actually have cards.  Anyway, because of all this I didn’t think too much about it and just called – he showed A8 and I was doomed.  1st to 3rd just like that.  Betting can be to push people out, to gain information, to build a pot, etc.   If I really thought it through before I put that $6K out there, I would have said – “I want everyone to go away or to just call so I can see a flop and perhaps outplay them post-flop.  I’m not married to A6 if I get re-raised”.  That would have been the smart thing…and that’s why I finshed 3rd….D 2nd, and L 1st.


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  1. Congrats!!!

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