Super Donk Donk

Not sure what happened to me on Tues & Thurs, but somehow I got into auto-pilot mode and decided I didn’t have to think anymore.   For the most part I played well, but there are what many poker books call your “defining moment”…and your defining moment is supposed to be something dramatic, like when you lay down Pocket A’s when you think someone has flopped a set or a str8 or something.  A “defining moment” should be a huge laydown, or a great read/call when someine is bluffing….something positive.  My most recent “defining moments” have been not-so-positive.  On Tuesday it was not getting away from A-6 while 3-handed when facing an all-in re-raise.  Last night it was not getting away from pocket 8’s when facing an all-in re-raise when 7 handed…coming from the Big Blind (if I remember right), from a player who is SOLID…and getting better to boot. 

Calling those all-ins requires some thought.  Stack size, pot size, player profile, blah blah blah.  Shame on me for not taking those things into account.  Do I really think T would push all-in when she was the chip leader…or close to it…if she didn’t have a monster of some sort?  Of course not…8’s were obviously no good.  How much thought did I give it before I called?  Zero.  She barely had me covered.  Perhaps I had a sense of invincibility after my 10’s held up against C’s AK.  But the player profile dictated it was a good call, his chip stack dictated that I call, my chip stack dicated that I call, it all added up to a sound decision in that case.  Lesson learned???   I’m not answering that anymore!


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