11/21/07 & 11/22/07 – My first trip(s) to Garden City

On Wednesday Tony talked me into trying out Garden City.  I was really skeptical at first, but found the staff to be extremely friendly and the patrons there to be pretty well behaved.   Overall, a great experience – and one I encourage other Meetup group members to try.  Here’s the low-down.

Upon arrival you’ll notice that the place is clean and well lit.  There’s a large poker room with a variety of games and stakes.  For the first timer, I recommend the $3 – $100 spread limit game.  You buy in for $100.  No more, no less.  At GC the game operates a little differently from what you’d see at a home game or on TV.  The Button posts $1, to the left (SB) posts $2, and to the left of the SB, the BB posts $3.  Subsequent betting and raising is capped at $100 increments – so it’s actually not that hard to get all of your chips in play throughout the hand if you really want to.  I could bet $100, you raise $100, etc.  For the most part I didn’t notice a big difference between this and No-Limit – however, if the pot grows early – you (and your opponent) will be getting more favorable odds as the hand progresses…whereas in No-Limit, you can manipulate larger pots to offer less favorable odds for drawing hands.  Like I said though, I didn’t notice it too much.  $100 is still $100 to a lot of people I guess.

As for my results – Day 1 saw a take away of $156 within about an hour – so I promptly got up and left after ripping one guy for his whole stack that he’d just (re)bought in for.  A few hands earlier I flopped a straight against him, and after the flop he was putting chips in.  On the turn he seemed ready to do it again, but my hands were shaking so bad when I pushed my chips in that he (and everyone else for that matter) must have known that I had a whopper…so he folded.  Otherwise I do think I could have walked with another $60.

Day 2 – Long wait to get a table.  Over an hour.  They finally started a new one, so we all had the same starting stack.  This day was good as well, and offered a great learning experience to boot.  One player who seemed to be pretty solid was involved in a multi-way pot with me.  I was early to act, he was later.  I flopped a spade flush draw and the high card was a 9.  My bet was not the type that looked like I was trying to protect a hand – it really looked like I was just trying to build the pot.  He called it out on me and re-raised by $70.  I was tempted to call…he seemed weak too based on the hmmming and hawwwing he was doing.  I opted to fold – and as it turns out I would have hit my flush on the river.  He showed 9-2.  Lesson learned.  I was in good shape for quite a while and took a bad beat which wiped out my stack.   I bought in for another $100 and turned that into $255 pretty quickly.  2pm rolled around and I needed to head out to get ready for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Net profit $55.


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