11/23/07 – Garden City – Day 3

Day 3 was a success…$313 take-away after tipping dealer and cashier.  Worst hand I played was AJs…and I hit the nut flush on that hand for a WHOPPER of a pot.  One other big one with AK where my A came on the turn to thwart an aggressive and perceptive opponent.

Solid play for the most part.  Some would argue that I should have gotten away from the AK after the flop when my opponent bet $50.  However, I was the initial raiser, he called me pre-flop.  And the board didn’t look too menacing for someone who called a $50 raise pre-flop…we’d had exactly the same hand 3X in the short time I was at the table, so I thought we might have the same thing again – or he might have even had AQ (J9 is possible for all I know…that was evidently his favorite hand).  Anyway, I checked to him, he bet $50.  Now it costs me $50 to win $150.  Decent sized pot.  Not exactly proper odds to call, but there were 2 cards to come and I hoped my call might confuse him and get him to slow down if he thinks he’s already beat.  Which was possible because I’d shown QQ and JJ in earlier hands against him.  A check-call could have got him thinking that I was slowplaying something delicious.  Anyway, the A came on the turn, he slowed down – I bet $50 again, and he wisely mucked his pocket 9’s.

Anyway – on to actual learnings.  I’ve discovered that there are some good players out there and they’re sometimes easy to spot.  The guy mentioned above was a good player and I figured it out right away.  He plays a lot of hands, but he’s not reckless by any means.  Something he said during one hand made me realize that I still need to work on my body language when I’ve got the goods.  Ah well…something to work on.

In keeping with my promise to be disciplined, I stuck around for a few hands after I was up the $300+ so that it didn’t look like I was a hit & run player.  When I got up I just said, “gotta go – it’s 1pm”.   I was running pretty hot, so I’m sure they weren’t too upset to see me leave.   :-)   With that, I think that during these early weeks of playing at card houses it’s important to be disciplined and soak up as many learning experiences as possible…without paying through the nose to do so.  Discipline means playing well, playing for a set duration of time, leaving when I’m up or down a certain amount, and coming back home to critique my performance with complete candor.   Once I feel a true sense of confidence and comfort, I’ll be willing to stick around longer when I’m up that much and on that much of a hot streak.

Honestly though, my current mindset is that $300/day = $75,000 per year (if I were to earn that 5 days per week, 50 weeks out of the year) – so why play with fire so soon?  I’m inclined to walk away with the mental picture that I currently earn  $75,000/year by playing poker!!  Not too shabby!


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  1. good job!

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