Dear FullTilt,

I think there’s something wrong with your software.  It keeps making this sucking noise and every time it happens, I end up with a 2nd place finish rather than a first place finish.  I’ll be way head with a set, 2 pair, top pair with a flush draw and someone else will make a straight, improve to a set, a higher flush, fill a gut-shot straight draw, the board will counterfiet my pocket pair (2 pair), the board pairs up enough to give someone’s weak Ace a chopped pot (vs my stronger A)….quite frequently due to runner-runner miracles.  Coincidentally, these scenarios I just described seem to be tied to the sucking noise I described earlier – not to mention the sudden disappearance of my hard-earned chips.  It happens in an instant and it really sucks.  I get my chips in with the best hand – is it too much for it to hold up once in a while?  I don’t even want to suck out on anyone else – just offer some evidence that the odds and stats that are mentioned in every poker book on the planet are at least somewhat valid – because as of this writing, they’re complete shite!

Anyway, I work hard, I play smart, and I can be patient when I need to be.  Being the patient guy that I am, I suppose I can wait a little while until your flakey software is out of beta.  Please tell me when the beta testing is over, and I’ll gladly return and make good use of your online investment tool.  But in the meantime, go F yourself!




3 Responses

  1. That’s Full Tilt for you. You have to play a totally different game. My theory of how the code is written is that it’s a site built around fish and the classical conditioning model.

    Who plays online poker? Joe-anybody, Ma & Pa Kettle and a large assortment of donks, fish & ATMs.

    The software has to be written such that these lackeys hit an occasional suck out. It gets them to swallow the hook and keep feeding the monkey.

    Boy, the conversations that we could have about online poker… however it’s 6:36 am & I’m running late.

    See you tonight.

    The longest surviving member of the Wanna-bes!

  2. and here I thought they were just out to get me. I was rivered 3 times in a row last night. John I hope it isn’t true what your saying thats so f’d up.

  3. BTW, well written Ken

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