Recent Happenings In Pokerville

1)  RBK hit a royal flush the other day on FTP.  I happened to notice that he was online so I kept his table open while I was playing at another table.  Sent him the screen cap to document the occasion.  He went on to win that tourney.  Big congrats!

2)  Discovered – it’s similar to SharkScope – but it’s free!  Gives enough info about your online foes to give you some idea of their threat level.  Interestingly enough, I happened to see Bruce Buffer (“Let’s get ready to rumble”) is an FTP “pro”.  Based on the stats on him on he’s a “celebrity” poker player at best.  If you haven’t seen the Phil Gordon video (Expert Insights: Final Table Poker), find a way to watch it – you see Bruce Buffer actually win the tournament vs Phil Gordon.  Funny stuff.

3)  Found a Russian guy who put up some more intuitive icons that represent player types on PokerOffice.  I added them to the software and am now much more effective at profiling players online.  Eternally grateful for this new profiling scheme.  The new icons coupled with the info on can do wonders for your online tournaments – I saw immediate results.

4)  Big win last Friday at KC – first place.  This after a few 2nds, 3rds, 4ths.  Unfortunately the big-money buy ins with no re-buys seem to bust me out early.  I hate pocket J’s.  I lose with them and I lose against them.  Always involving someone with pocket A’s.  If I have the AA – the J’s suckout.  If I have the J’s, I’m up against A’s.  Never fails! 

5)  Speaking of pocket J’s – I’m convinced I need to write my own personal “code of conduct” so that I have a mantra that includes a willingness to make big-laydowns when my tourney life is at stake.

6)  Need to come up with a better time for the Wannabe’s to congregate.  We do have a great idea for critiquing one another’s play that I think will be fun and effective.  Hope we’re able to get buy-in from the rest of the members and schedule the activity SOON!

7)  Oh – and can’t forget to mention that I’ve been REALLY good about being unemotional when I get KO’d from a tourney or beat in a pot.  I’m quickly moving on and getting my head back into the task at hand.  Makes the game more fun in the short-term and fits in to the long-term mindset.  Minimize the number of mistakes I make and hope they don’t cripple me.  Maximize the number of mistakes my opponents make – even if they “get lucky”…and be ok with it!  The new me!

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