12/6/07 Tourney

Invited a friend to come and play – self-admittedly he was going to be nothing more than a donor last night.  Hopefully he had fun – traffic was bad getting there, so he came in late and was thrown immediately into the action.  Classic beginner outing, but he stuck around for over an hour to watch the remaining players battle it out.

Before I start talking about me, I have to mention how impressed I am with E’s play – not just last night, but consistently.  He doesn’t show up very often – but when he does, he performs well.  I have to say that as the tourney went on, I became increasingly respectful of his play and increasingly wary of tangling with him.  Big props to him for a job well done last night.

Ok – on to me.  Before the tourney I wrote up a “Code of Conduct” for myself.  It was a great exercise to go through.  I printed it off, folded it up, and popped it in my pocket.  I did my best to follow it and as a result, I had a pretty good performance.  Some hiccups:  #1)  called E’s KK with my AK – I was chip leader, he was short-stacked.  For reasons mentioned above – I hated that I lost that hand because he was a player I really feared.  #2)  3 handed I made a raise with A8o…decent for 3 handed.  E pushed all-in, and without thinking – I called – only to see he had AK.  Again – doubled him up.  #3)  E’d been folding to my $15K raises when he was the BB, so I made a move again on his BB with 7-9 of spades.  He pushed all-in.  Honestly I was pretty committed, but figured that even if I folded, I’d still have the chip lead – so I should wait for another battle.  #4)  Made a move prior to that with K5 or something, E called with AQ…luckily I hit my K to take that pot.  #5)  The huge suckout on the final hand.  I saw JJ, raised enough so that if he liked his hand he’d come over top all-in.  It’s what I wanted.  It’s exactly what happened.  I insta-called – only to see he had KK (again).  The turn brought me a gift in the form of a J and I took down 1st prize.

In retrospect – did I do anything “wrong”?  Who knows?  I do know that I was lucky when I needed to be.  2nd or 3rd place might have been more fitting in all honesty – but who’s going to complain about taking down 1st?

Of interest:

1) B making a move (again) with 33…why he loves those crappy pocket pairs and plays them so aggressively is beyond me.  It’s a small hand and every effort should be made to keep the pot small util you hit a set.  See a flop and fold instantly if your hand hasn’t improved.  That’s my strategy anyway.   

2) J limping on the button (if I remember right).  I had KT of diamonds.  Flop brought a K, and I bet – he called.  Same on the turn, and I started to squirm.  On the river I think I checked to him and he bet again.  I pondered it and said to myself that his story didn’t add up.  He may very well have had a K (he didn’t show), but I reasoned that his kicker was probably weak – because a stronger K on the button would certainly be raised pre-flop by him.  I really thought the pre-flop action on his part was uncharacteristic of his profile if he had a K with a decent kicker.  So I called – which he couldn’t believe – and took down a pretty nice pot which started the ascention to chip-leader status that didn’t really ever let up.


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