Shooting Star…not @ Bay 101

On the drive home from Poker last night I saw a shooting star.  Closest I think I’ve ever been to one.  It was a green light that kept it’s glow till about 200 feet above the ground.  It landed on the west side of Fwy 280 just off of Saratoga Ave.  Drove for the next minute or two with my jaw hanging open.  Wish there was something memorable that happened earlier in the day – or perhaps that I had the future ex-Mrs. Snyder in the car with me or something – but no such luck.  Just me and Zack. 

In poker news – I was a bit of a table bully last night.  Selective bullying was working well and I really wasn’t in bad shape at all until my KK ran into J’s A8…which, of course, hit the A.  I heard the infamous Full-Tilt Poker sucking sound, and my stack was devastated.  Later he busted me when my 7’s ran into his 10’s.  Oh well.  On to “I heart cash game”.  I clobbered A for a big chunk of change in about 5 minutes.  I was hitting some awesome hole cards early and hitting the flops hard too.  Recovered my buy-in from the tourney plus about $40 in a few minutes.  I shouldda gotten up and left, but no…

The hole cards stayed pretty good, but I didn’t hit the flops anymore.  I donked off chip after chip as a result and went home on the negative cash-flow side rather than on the positive. Sometimes crap happens.  Back at it tonight with a fighting spirit!

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