Wild mood swings

Last night for some reason I was a bit on the moody side.  There was really no build-up to it, it just sort of happened…and happened in one big explosion.  I’ll spare the details, but suffice it to say that I overreacted a bit when I was outplayed by an aggressive player in position.  I had the best hand, but wasn’t sure after I was re-raised all-in.  I decided it was too big of a risk and folded…I wanted to be in the money and we were on the bubble if I remember right.  My opponents play (in hindsight was borderline brilliant).  Instead of a normal fold, I showed my 10 (top pair) as I mucked.  My opponent showed AK…nada!  TILT-TIME!   What did I learn?  1) I can’t *always* be the table bully.  2) Position matters   3)  chip-stacks matter (I still had plenty – there was a remaining player with very few…and I’d likely want him to go out before me).  4) Showing a “big laydown” can be tremendously ineffective if you show and your opponent shows a bluff…TILT-TIME!

However, I made a good decision to fold.  It fit perfectly in line with my mantra of risk management and my fold was purely in line with that thinking.  I did not want to be the bubble boy so I folded.  ‘Nuff said.  If I’d called, would the outcome have been different…would I have taken 1st?  Who really cares!

As for the cash game, I don’t think I get it anymore.  I seem to do extremely well at tourneys and get my axx handed to me in cash games.  Last night it seemed that I’d be ahead with the best hand either before or after the flop, but everyone had some kind of magical power that got them caught up/ahead on later streets.  I lost everything I’d won in the tournament plus another $20.  I now officially hate cash games!


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