12/13/07 Tourney + Cash Game

Tourney = Good.  I’m not a pro yet, so I couldn’t lay down JJ pre-flop from the button after E’s slightly-above-min raise.  I have a horrible tendency to have a pocket pair when she min-raises and when I get all-in she’s ALWAYS got QQ.  The only way I wouldn’t have gone broke in that situation was to fold…and that’s unlikely for just about anyone.

 As for the cash game…it still puzzles me.  I can’t fathom how someone can call a 12X BB raise with no other callers ahead of them with 10-9 offsuit (to crack AQ).  On top of that, to later do it with 6-4 (to crack KK).  After sleeping on it I have 6 possible explanations:

1)  Some people love to gamble and get lucky
2)  Some people have really deep pockets and don’t care about their $20 buy-in
3)  Some people think position allows you to disregard all other info obtained from previous hands, current pot odds, opponent profiles, and betting thus far
4)  Some people aren’t interested in making friends or money in the long-term
5)  There is a new species on planet earth that is half-man, half-donkey
6)  I simply know nothing about the dynamics of a cash game

The latter seems to be the most likely and the 1-5 are my attempt at belittling others to make myself feel good.  [There!  I admit it!]  Despite that, I hope players like this show up regularly because I’m either going to learn a lot from them at a rate of $20 per lesson, or I’m going to take a hell of a lot of money from them!  Either way – time/money well spent!  Rock-on Raggedy-Sam, you are truly untouchable and I bow to your superior poker skills.  I completely embody statement #6 above!  Yay, I’m a baby!


One Response

  1. Woohoo, another mention in your blog! I will say this, you have not had good luck against me… If I do not have a pair, I turn it, if I do have a pair and you do not, you do not get one. Statistically that cannot continue obviously. If it makes you feel better you knocked me out with 72o once…

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