12/14/07 Tourney

Played well for the most part.  Tough situation that put me in a position to either make a huge chip increase or knock me out.  Flopped the nut-flush draw and was in early positon.  I bet out $750 into a pot that had about $1200 into it already.  Total pot now at $2,000+-.  Player to act after me raised to $3,000 to go.  It now costs me $2,250 to win $5,000+-.  Or 2:1.  I have 9 outs in the form of clubs.  Plus another 3 in the form of A’s if my opponent only has top pair.  So roughly 12 outs.  12 x 4 = 48% after the flop – which is sort of a no brainer, but I really did have to think about it because my tourney life is on the line.  If I call, I’m pretty much committing my entire stack – so I *reluctantly* push all-in even though it’s clearly the correct thing to do.  No A comes…no club comes either.  I’m out. 

It’s one of those things you read about in books that arms the knowledgeable player with just enough rope to hang themselves when it doesn’t work in your favor, and enough info to make you look like a genius when it does work in your favor.  This time – not in my favor – but correct nonetheless in the spirit of long-term poker thinking!

Cash game afterwards was pretty sucky again – though I did hit a royal flush!  :-)

Ken’s Royal Flush 12/14/07


3 Responses

  1. royal flush, niiiice i’ve never gotten one

  2. This is a tricky situation. In tourneys you want to play for big pots to position yourself for the FT or at least to get deep in tourneys.

    Also depending on the level of competition, you might be able to lay that hand down especially if you know that you’re the superior player and that you don’t need to gamble to win but just rely on outplaying these guys and get your money in a better situation. I’ll bet that the other guy had top pair decent kicker or maybe two pair at best.

    Whether you fold or call it’s still a good move either way IMO. I’m just saying calling with the nut flush draw isn’t always the best way to go out in a tourney especially if you have chips to play with and can outplay most of the players in the game.

    Looking forward to your next post.

  3. Good points. The guy actually had JcQc. Top pair, decent kicker, plus flush draw…though I had the nut draw. There went 2 of my outs! This guy was aggressive and he’s re-raised me in the past with AK just because of his position – getting me to lay down top-top. There’s a time and a place for taking a stand, this may or may not have been it…hitting the flush would have put a hell of a smile on my face as this guy had already re-bought 3 times in this tourney at that point – sending him home packing, down $100+ would have been sweet revenge for some suckouts-past! BTW – found your blog and I like the idea of chronicling a quest to go from $0 to $1,000. I think Chris Ferguson did something similar – what a great way to measure your success and force yourself to really manage your bankroll.

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