12/18/07 Online Tourneys

Wish I had more time to play bigger field tourneys.  That’s where the money is.  I’m getting comfy at the $10 and $20 buy-in range.  Taking my fair share of beatings on the bubble in the 6 & 9 handed games.  Placed in the money enough times to more-or-less break even yesterday.  In one of the $10 buy-in tourneys I was heads up with a guy who was playing really well and pretty much had me on the ropes.   Then his connection crashed.  I kept raising and he finally got connected again, but by that time I’d kinda had him against the ropes.  I immediately messaged him and said that if I won, I’d chop it with him 50/50 – but that if he came back and won, it was all his since he was so far ahead to begin with.  Next hand, both all-in.  I won and immediately shipped him the $9 to give us a 50/50 split.  He seemed real appreciative and I hope he pays it forward if he finds himself in a similar situation in the future. 

On to more commentary.  I was really really pleased with the way I played and my patience in general, but particularly when it got close to the money.  In every game my goal has been to have the lowest % of flops seen.  I think that has some long term payoffs, so I’m going to stick with that strategy until I learn otherwise.  Anyway, sometimes your chipstack tells you that it’s likely that you’ll be the bubble-boy, but you fight it with selective aggression and can dig out to win or place in the money.  I find that happens most when your opponents are observant, don’t think you’re a donkey, and give you respect when you make a move – even when short-stacked (see “lowest % of flops” above).  However, if your oppoents have got tons of chips or haven’t been observant enough to notice that you’ve been playing super-tight, they usually suck out on you – on the river of course.  One of the many examples of this yesterday was me pushing w/ AK vs a loose opponent who called w/ QT.  I was ahead…till the river of course.  Bubble boy!  Not much you can do.  If I keep playing the way I have, my long-term results should be pretty good.  Just gotta ride out the rough times until the math and odds catch up to me.


2 Responses

  1. Great post. I generally stick with a 15%-23% range max on flops seen (that includes when I’m in the SB and BB). Usually I’m about 10% give in other positions. I’ll play some marginal hands when I’m in late position though (mostly suited connectors or A/x suited). I find that if I play this tight and don’t outsmart myself, I’ll finish ITM most of the time. You have to figure if you can finish 1st out every 3 SNGs, you’re on pace for a ROI of over 100%. not shabby. Of course I’ve been playing the $1 SNGs because of my little experiment with going from zero to $1,000 but the concepts are the same I think. Keep up the good work and don’t let the bad streak get you down!

  2. My bad. Your ROI if you win 1 out of 3 SNGs is 36%. Which is pretty good. From what I’ve read if you’re above 10% you’re doing ok. If you’re above 20% you’re doing exceptional. Making 20% on your money in SNGs is an incredible rate of return. So keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll do fine!

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