Thoughts about Online Tourneys

One more thing.  I’ve recently armed myself with an account at and it’s another good tool to have when doing battle online.  Once everyone’s seated at my table, one of the first things I do is go and look up everybody’s id on that site.  I attach a basic note to each player about how many *’s they’ve got next to their name on OPR and then color code them accordingly.  Green=Fish…Red=Shark.  And fill the spectrum in between.  As I play, it’s another factor I consider when I’m engaging in a hand.  An example of how I use the data is the importance of starting hand strength vs the opponent, position vs the opponent, and probably most beneficial has been overall hand strength as the hand progresses towards showdown.  With Green & Yellow (4 or less *’s from OPR) ranked players I’m ok with Top-Top if the board is uncoordinated (no flush/no str8).  But with Orange & Red (5 or more *’s from OPR) ranked players I want to have a set or better to beat them.  They usually won’t go to a showdown with anything less than 2 pair.  It seems to be a good formula.  I am careful if a better player is smooth calling my pot-sized bets as they’re likely trapping.  Lesser players can be strung along as they chase their drawing hands with pot-sized bets.  There are exceptions, of course, but using this as a general guide has proven to be a pretty solid strategy thus far.  More as the days/weeks go on!


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  1. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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