9H SnG 30+3…Eureka!

Came home tonight from an afternoon with the boys and an evening with the neighbors (was out for a while, but managed to keep it to only 3 beers…not bad for a Friday before the holiday).  Then I engaged in a little text messaging with a friend who’s quite easy on the eyes.  I was ready to call it an early Friday night and go to bed, but then I remembered that I wanted to try out a poker website that an aquaintence had mentioned and one feature in particular.  I gave it a quick look over and was impressed. 

Rather than go to bed, I elected to sit at a $30+3 SnG with a bit of nervousness as I’ve only just recently felt confident enough to play at the $10 and $20 tables.  However, my game has been good lately – particularly online, and I’ve been using OPR to try to get some idea of my opponents abilities prior to engaging in play and have found it to be immensely helpful.  Anyway, as the game went on I found myself really observing flop %’s of other players, hands at showdown, stack-sizes (planning my committment), positions they played from – and if out of position – what they were holding if it went to showdown.  I realized that of the 9 of us at the table, 6 were fish!  Feeding time baby!   Yours truly ended up w/ 1st place and a payout of $135.

2 key hands that got me some mileage in this game.  One was a hand where I made a 4X raise from the SB with 5d6d when everyone had folded to me.  The BB called.  He was loose and could have called with any two cards.  I’d been tight and he probably put me on a potential top pair hand if the flop was pretty.  The flop came and it was ugly…perfect for a 56 pre-flop raise.  66J was the flop.  He made an all-in move w/ KQo (obviously thinking that I completely missed and his pre-flop call would show strength) – I called with my set of 6’s to double-up thru the loose chip leader and he did not call a single raise from me again until it was heads up between the 2 of us.

The 2nd hand was the player to my immediate right.  Unopened pot. He limped from the SB.   I raised 5X from the BB w/ AQo.  He called.  The flop had two 10’s and a 9 or something and I feared he was slowplaying a pocket pair or a set or something (afterall he did call a big raise pre-flop from out of position…JTo was a possibility as far as I was concerned…he did seem loose up to that point).  So I slowed down and just hoped there was no more action.  An 8 on the river and he made a modest bet, which I just called in order to close the action and see his hole cards.  He showed Ac8c.  I pecked a gentle “wow” into the chat box and moved on.

Anyway – the hands above may have stood out to the other players, and they may not have.  Don’t really know and don’t really care.  They stood out to me for 2 reasons though. 

1) I don’t bluff too often, but it is key to success in poker.  Not to bluff often, but to bluff effectively and at the right time.  In fact, I’m starting to like the 7-deuce rule at the home game because it forces you to play 7-deuce as if it were AA…a good skill to have.  Nobody would ever put you on playing 7-2, let alone raise with it pre-flop.  I digress.  Bluffing pre-flop with a hand like a suited-connected 5-6 can have some very nice results.  You’ll execute a successful steal.  You’ll flop a monster that is totally disguised and get action from pocket pairs or big overcards.  You’ll flop a decent drawing hand.  Or you’ll hit absolutely nothing and get away at the first sign of interest from another player.  In this case – loose opponent, unopened pot, tight image, ugly flop…bingo!

2) I didn’t get carried away with a big hand (AQ) in heads up play – I realized that my opponents range of starting hands was probably pretty wide and that I’d probably be best served to tread lightly until I have further info.  I did, tread lightly and lost a small pot.  In hindsight, I could have bet after the flop to see where I stood – and probably taken the pot.  But by letting this hand play out I gained a confirmation that this player won’t bet in to me if he doesn’t have anything (buzzword alert:  “selective aggression”).  He was weak, a fish, and was inclined to bet hands that paired the board and check as long as he hadn’t improved yet.   He ultimately bled chips to me for the rest of the match.

Anyway – enough bragging.  Off to bed.  I’m diggin the website and will likely subscribe on a monthly basis.  It will pay for itself with just 1 win – so why not.  In fact, in that 1 game alone I won the equivalent of 6 month’s subscription to the site.  I should become an affiliate!!  :-)


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  1. Nice one! I really liked the raise with 5/6 it gave you a unpredicitable quality at the table especially when you did the same thing with A/Q also. If the other players are paying attention at all, they can’t really put you on a specific hand. I like playing suited connectors…they are awesome especially if you raise with them. Nice read on the table also, It’s good to know you’re using all available information as part of your arsenal. One quick question…are you using Poker Tracker or Poker Office as your Poker aid? Maybe I misunderstood what OPR stands for…if you could clarify that for me…lol. I’m thnking of purchasing Poker Tracker or Poker Office to help my online game. Also what site are you playing at now? Seems like a lot of easy games there..lol.

    Oh additionally, the 2/7 home game thing sometimes we do that also depending on the players. So yes that kind of forces you to bluff. Happy Holidays if I don’t catch you bro!

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