Re-Reading Professional No-Limit Hold ‘Em – Volume 1

I’m a big fan of re-reading a poker book a second (even third) time.  This morning the dog and I took our weekend walk to the coffee shop and plunked down for an hour and a half or so.  While sipping my large non-fat mocha, I dove back into this book again (after just finishing it on Thursday).  I’m glad I did.  The emphasis on planning your hand around committment, the analogies to how a bank manages risk, and a few other nuggets leap to the forefront of my mind.  In recent posts I’ve placed a lot of emphasis on seeing very few flops.  I could go on and on about the benefits of that, but there’s an easier statment that I re-read today that sums up why it’s important for winning poker.

“Win money – not pots”.  In the book, Mehta, Miller, and Flynn state that, “players who win the most pots often lose the most money”.  I’ve seen LOTS of evidence of this recently in online tourneys.  I’m officially incorporating, “Win money – not pots” into my Poker Code of Conduct (no joke – I actually have written one out).

Happy Holidays!


3 Responses

  1. Any consideration to how the type of game you are playing affects this? For example, tournament vs cash games, tight tables vs loose tables, etc.? That could be an interesting conversation to have off-line.

  2. Perhaps you could post your ‘poker code of conduct’ for your readers, oh will that give too much away :p

    I’m new to your blog, but have enjoyed your last few posts on online poker and Sit-N-Go’s.

    Keep up the good work, and good skill at the tables xxx

  3. I’ve read this once and really enjoyed it, I must go back to it and see if I get the same epiphany the second time around!

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