More juice….here’s a link to the Org-Chart for the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Dept.
From what I have been able to piece together, Lieutennant Marc Alcantara (on the org-chart page) apparently joined our poker group on 12/10/07 and played 3 times according to the member log file that I looked at last night.  He was active on our poker group’s website site yesterday too according to the log file. 

While at our poker games he surely experienced friendly banter, low-stakes poker competition, unrestricted access to a fridge full of water and soda, and a poker-oriented demonstration on how to observe your “targets”, gather information based on patterns, process that information, formulate likely “stories”, and make the most “profitable” investment decision based on all of that information including what you suspect your “target” may be up to…from a recreational poker community made up of players of varying sex, color, creed, age, weight, marital status, # of in-tact limbs, sexual orientation, and skill level.   Did I leave anything out?

Your reputation is everything…it takes years to build, and only a second to destroy.  If you don’t know the letter of the law, follow the spirit of the law – it may be your best shot at ensuring that justice will prevail and that you’ll preserve your good name!


4 Responses

  1. The Poker Players Alliance has a legal response team that is starting up. They may be able to help with your defense. Contact them through their forums.

    Good luck.

  2. Hey ksnydersj,

    As a fellow member of this poker group who was present during the raid, I just want to say that the way the whole raid went down was way overkill. It was like firing a cannon to swat a fly. I agree with you in that I respect the men in uniform but, in this case, I seriously question the powers-at-be who decided that this was worth the heavy-handed approach.

    As someone whose limbs are generally intact, unless i take them off, I appreciate the way you described our group. : )

  3. lt. marc is denying he attended any of our games. i got this from the journalist who wrote one of the articles. he’s saying he’s just a spokeperson and that he didn’t play undercover.
    of course, the supreme court has ruled that the police are allowed to lie in the course of doing their duty, whenever they want, for any reason.

  4. 1) There was a Marc that joined our group and played with us during the timing of the sting/bust
    2) He was searching Bert’s car the day of the raid
    3) He brought the Asian guy with the goatee to our games
    4) His last name was never provided on the meetup.com site

    So…is it possible that it was not Marc Alcantara…I suppose, but it was a Marc who was with the Sheriff’s Dept that attended our games as far as I can tell.

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