Media Coverage

OK fans…here’s one article in the major newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News.

Many of the local papers are saying that players were lured “unwittingly” into playing poker at a person’s home through a website advertising a weekly poker game.  I couldn’t resist penning my “Top 10 Confessions of an ‘unwitting’ participant”. 


10) I’ve been lured into “unwittingly” making friends via the Internet and live poker games
9) I’ve been lured into “unwittingly” blogging about my successes and failures
8) I’ve been lured into “unwittingly” sharpening my critical thinking skills
7) I’ve been lured into “unwittingly” consuming less beer (money + too much alcohol = stupid)
6) I’ve been lured into “unwittingly” participating in an inactive competitive hobby instead of having my knee replaced again so that I can play soccer competitively
5) I’ve been lured into “unwittingly” humming Kenny Rogers tunes in my head for the last 8 months (“you gotta know when to hold ’em…”)
4) I’ve been lured into “unwittingly” saving myself the embarrassment of arriving at a party as the 10th guy who brought a 3 lb bag of Mission Tortilla Chips, Tostitos Salsa, and a 6 pack of RC Cola to share with the group
3) I’ve been lured into “unwittingly” driving 35 miles to play poker with the company of friends instead of sitting alone on my couch playing online…and getting distracted by all the porn that’s out there…damn that confounded porn…damn you!
2) I’ve been lured into “unwittingly” learning to take more control my emotions, be more patient, improve my ability to manage risk, win with dignity, lose with dignity, have more respect for money, and have more respect for people in general…all from someone younger than me
1) I’ve been lured into unwittingly “going green” by carpooling to poker games at my friend’s house with other friends from the South Bay


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