Bay Area Poker Bust: Additional opinions

Some sound and constructive commentary…some not so much.  You’re all educated people who can separate the wheat from the chaff – so use your best judgement.  The opinions expressed on any links/sites that are accessible from my blog are not neccessarily shared by me (for example, no matter how wrong I think the law is in this situation, I wouldn’t condone the use of derogatory terms to describe the people who do put their lives on the line for us every day…even if they make a mistake occasionally.  “Attack the behavior, not the person” is what I always say).  However, I do find a handful of the comments on these sites to be insightful/reasonable/passionate/interesting nonetheless.  Cheers!


One Response

  1. Ken, check out the quote in my latest post. Seems some people on the East Coast got it worse than us :/

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