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Ok enough with the circus and on to some poker reflections.

 Friday night we celebrated my neighbor’s birthday.  He’s a dancer for the San Jose Ballet and his wife invited me over along with a bunch of his dancer friends.  A few of them seem to have a hankering for playing poker…most of them badly.  I was glad to play for the $10 buy-in and walked away with 2nd place after 1 rebuy during the first hour.   This group is mostly easy to read.  Some of them have no starting hand requirements at all (Q4-offsuit for example).  Their betting completely reveals the strength of their hand, so it’s pretty straight-forward poker.  They all know how much I play, so I put the feelers out there to see if I’d get any respect if I raised a weak bet after the flop when I was in position, and it seemed to be the case, so I was able to just sorta coast along on auto-pilot and pounce/steal when I sensed weakness. 

Saturday was awesome.  I played soccer in the morning and felt fantastic while we played – I’m not as fast as I used to be, but there were hints that I might still have some skill…hints – no hard evidence though.  On top of that, our poker group (from the bust last week) all met for dinner & drinks in Palo Alto.  It was so much fun to hang out with this group outside of the poker table.  Everyone is extremely generous, pleasant, supportive, inquisitive, and genuine.  We were there primarily to show our support for Bert and Trish, but also to enjoy each other’s company and blow off some steam from the previous weekend’s circus-act.  We need to do it more often!   Of course, after seeing each other, everyone had the itch to get an impromptu game going.  I had a headache, so I didn’t take part…I went home, took the dog for a walk and dropped by my neighbor’s house for a beer.  A smart move as I suppose it’s not good to handle money when so much brain power is required at a time when your brain physically hurts!

On to Sunday.  I had high hopes of going to Garden City, but decided I really wanted to play tourneys rather than cash games.  So I played online and cashed pretty frequently.  I played a variety of SnG’s depending on where SharkScope said the fish were biting.  I cashed several times – but too many times as the low-money getter.  Better than nothing.  The usual suckouts that you can expect from Full-Tilt, but not as bad as other days have been.  Lots of donkeys/fish online at the time who’d start off complimenting me on a good hand or a well-played hand.  I’d watch their play and realize they had no clue what they were doing…seeing 60-70% of flops and playing total junk.  Once they started to get on other player’s nerves from all the chit-chat, I decided to chime in to really put them on tilt.  It was awesome!  They’d be so frustrated because they pegged me as the “nice” guy at the table because they complimented me so early and couldn’t believe I turned on them.  Once they’re on tilt, they get a bit of a revenge streak urge in them and it’s easy to trap them.  Loved it.  Built the table-bully image and got respect from everyone else at the table as they took delight in my ribbing of the fish.  Some of the smarter ones decided to sit back and coast into the money despite being short-stacked because they probably knew the fish would bleed away if they just waited long enough.  Good fun, but not a lot of $$$ (in fact, hardly anything).  Back at it later this week hopefully.


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  1. When your playing the sit-n-go’s, do you multi-table them, I’ve tried a couple of times, but always feel like I’m playing under par and have missed out on pots or bets?

    3rd place money sucks, but I’ll always take it over a 4th place negative :-)

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