Online McGillicutty

Good success today online.   I saw a zillion suckouts, but luckily didn’t fall victim to too many today (for a change).  Took 2nd for $108 in an 18 player $20 buy-in SnG and a couple more firsts and 2nds in some lower stakes SnG’s.  After I got back from the Sharks game, I decided to play a SnG for a $26 token before bed and won that one.  Really felt confident all day long.  Made some big folds and built a big pot when I had a big hand and kept it small when I had a small hand.  I was super aware of chipstacks, position, and player tendencies.  I played everyone different – but I noticed a real pattern of fish-types who have a tendency to telegraph when they’re on a draw.  Lots of times on FullTilt it’s impossible to get them off of their draws, so raising them can be futile.  Today it seemed to be working.  When I was confident that a player was on a draw, I raised a serious amount and usually got respect.  SharkScope came in really handy today when I was selecting tourneys that I wanted to play in.  The games were filling up slower than usual, so there was time to jump into a tourney that appeared to be full of easy targets.  When I got in it was really great cause the fish really were fish!   One had a -81% ROI…BINGO! 

Total winnings today cleared around $115 profit…not a bad day.  Now I just need to parlay that $26 token into something more substantial.

I’m supposed to play in a home game tomorrow night, but I’m not sure I’m in the mood – I may save myself for Friday’s home game and play online some more instead.  I’m determined to improve my online game and get my OPR ranking back to where it was in November.  In order to do that I need to cash in some 18+ player online tourneys and there’s only so many of those you can play after work, dinner, etc – since they take 2 hrs to play a lot of times.

 Oh…almost forgot.  Hit Quad Aces tonight!  Weeeeee!

Quad Aces


2 Responses

  1. Nice work. We should get together one of these weekends with our laptops and bust some heads online. Might be a good mutual-learning experience, too. Mail me.

    Too bad your Q didn’t play :p That turn must have felt good, though. No chance for a suck-out :) I got hit pretty hard with a suck-out two nights ago, but mysteriously felt okay about it. I wrote about it on my blog.

  2. Nice job. Always nice to get Quads…lol.

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