Do as Tommy Says….

Calling it quits tonight at 11:40…early for me.  I’m up $185 for the day after playing maybe 2.5 hrs tops.   Quitting tonight after good wins (multi-tabling and took first place in both – one for $43 and one for $117).  Quitting before I get tired.  Quitting with the comfort that $185/day, 5 days a week, for 50 weeks = a $46,250/year salary.  Not bad by some standards…though not enough to live on in this area, that’s for sure!   

With that being said, I may as well spill it out in the blog since I’ve started saying it to a few close friends:  July 1st is the target date for declaring this as my full-time job – perhaps sooner.  Consistent performance, continued bankroll growth, satisfaction with my play, overall discipline, the power to quit and take time off, and the ability to maintain social commitments all have to be in alignment.  Ideally, once I hit $250 to $300/day on average, I’ll make the jump.  It currently feels like transition mode because I’m working my normal biz during the day, and dedicating my evenings to poker.  So every day feels like a double-shift at the moment, but I’m heading in the right direction and at a pretty good trajectory.

Once I finish “Elements of Poker” I’ll be diving into a book called, “How to Turn Your Poker Playing into a Business: Knowing What to Deduct to Improve Your Odds With the IRS”.  It won’t be as interesting as other recent reads – but it sets the tone for legitimacy from day 1 – which is also important to me if I’m going to call myself a professional poker player.

Back at it over the weekend if I have time between doing taxes, taking care of Zack (he’s not doing well), and checking in on my neighbor’s dog while they’re away.



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