FullTilt Woes

After a week where I took my bankroll 5X what it started with, I have now crumbled back to where I started.  It feels horrible, but after reviewing my play on PokerOffice, I don’t feel I did too many things wrong.  To give an example:

Multi-Table SnG (45 players).  I’m in 5th.  It pays top 6.  A medium stack raises from early position to 250.  He has about 1800 remaining (including the 250 out there).  I have Rockets, so I raise to 1/2 his stack (900) thinking he’ll be committed and just push all-in if he likes it.   He just calls.  Flop comes J-9-6.  He checks.  I move all-in.  He calls…shows K-10.  He’s got a gutshot – needing a Q.  Or so I think.  Turn = 10.  River…you guessed it…King.  I wasn’t out – but I was crippled and was unable to recover.

Another example:  Similar scenario – only KK this time.  The player remaining to act is most likely going to go all-in because he’s short stacked in relation to the blinds and to me, etc.  I min-raise trying to entice him to steal.  He pushes all-in as I hoped.  I insta-call.  He shows 10-10.  Flop 10-X-X of course.  Again crippled and unable to recover.

There are countless other examples – and it seemed to be one after another.  There were some bonehead moves where I neglected to account for the fact that a fish will call a raise with A-4 offsuit.  So, my AK is useless on a flop that’s A-8-4 for example.  Again, had my target right where I wanted them – but the gods were being a bit evil.  Hard to put someone on A4 when they call a raise from out of position – but I guess I need to work on evaluating the range of hands based on how foolish someone appears to be and really give the fish some credit for a post-flop monster even though their hand was complete dung pre-flop. 

I really hope the trend reverses and goes back in the right direction.  I was so fed-up with FullTilt that I opened an account on Absolute Poker and deposited $50.  Wish I’d installed it and checked out the interface first…because it’s total crap compared to FullTilt IMHO. 


One Response

  1. Quick off topic question for you.

    I’m new to Poker Office, where is the AF stat located, I can’t seem to find it, is there an aggression factor calculated for you, I don’t use the live tracker?


    Glad you had a bit of a come back after all that.

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