Long overdue update

OK – it’s a bit long, but there’s some worthy topics to cover (at least worthy to me).

1)  Zack passed away finally.  I had to put him to sleep.   It was a friday afternoon at 5pm when I determined that enough was enough.  If I’d done it the day before I’d have been uneasy.  And if I’d waited till the next morning, I’d have been uneasy.  It was difficult, but the timing was right.  He passed with his chin on my lap and it was as peaceful as that kind of experience can be.  I know he’s in dog-heaven right now chilling on some cool grass under a shady tree – his favorite thing to do.  I miss him a lot, but my neighbors have been kind enough to let me watch their dogs when they go out of town for an evening or a weekend.

2)  I’ve been playing poker.  And lots of it.  I developed some software that would help me track things and had little checkboxes for me to check off as I played to make sure I was doing the things I needed to be doing in order to be a winning player.  It worked for a while, but I think I became too obsessed about ROI and results.  I took a hiatus and stopped using the software.  One really good thing though, was that I was keeping meticulous financial notes.  Something I’ll need to do when/if I decide to go pro.

3)  Most recently, I’ve been on a friggin tear (online anyway).  I’ve had some decent results at the home game – but to be honest, I think I’m pretty much done with it unless it’s a super-cheap buy in and I need the social part of it.  It’s not as profitable as online play because the players all know each other and all we do is trade money amongst one another from week to week.   As for the online stuff.  A year ago I was playing $2, $5, or $10 SnG’s.  I’ve built up a bankroll and some skills and discipline and am now at SnG buy-ins of $20 to $100.  I’m starting to like the $69+6 45-player SnG’s.  I’ve played a few and it’s added several hundred at a time to my bankroll (a few $200 to $600 pay days).   They’re over in about 90 minutes too, which is shockingly nice.

There’ve been a few times recently where I can’t seem to find a good SnG with enough fish.  After all the reading and playing some micro-limit cash games, I have stepped up to $1/$2 6-handed ring games.  It’s been pretty profitable.  This morning, for example, I played for 90 minutes and cleared $640 after the rake (about $30).  I scrammed and took a bike ride, met a friend for lunch, bought some new shoes, and took it easy for a while.    I decided to play again and found another juicy game with just the right fish.  I played for just over 2 hours and cleared $620 after the rake $48).  That’s $1,260 for the day.

My bankroll is flourishing and today was the winningest day I’ve ever had.  Previous best was $1,100 in one day.   I haven’t kept track of ROI or anything like that recently, but it’s clear that I probably should. 

My internal “go-pro” date was July 1st.  While I’m getting more comfortable with my play and my bankroll, I’m not where I need to be in order to take the leap.  I’d like to have a few months worth of mortgage payments saved up AND have an adequate playing bankroll before doing that.  But I’m optimisic that I’ll achieve my goal someday soon and I have set a new target date.  I plan to keep it flexible though, as the time has to be just right!

I hope anyone else who’s reading this someday has the good fortune of having a remarkable poker day just like I’ve had.  It’s very satisfying to have the feeling that you are on the way to achieving a dream.


2 Responses

  1. Very well done, I’m sure you’ll make it in not time.

  2. Congrats on the winning. If you are making a living off of poker, standard practice is to have 6 months of living costs saved up as well as a deep enough bankroll to play the games you want. I’m sure you knew that, though.

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