What a weekend!

Up another $200 before bed.  A LONG session where I was card-dead quite a bit, but the table had a few juicy players – so I stuck around until I finally got a monster.  They got lucky and I did the up/down thing for a bit, until I got QQ on the button vs an UTG limper who was prone to calling after the limp.  I made it $8 to go.  He flopped a gutshot and chased…while I floppped a set of Q’s.  He paid me off in full.  I thanked him for making my car payment and stood up from the table.

With that, I have to give some props to Jason and Adrian.  They set out together to play in a WSOP event (#49).  Jason has been near the top pretty much all day, and Adrian snuck into the money – enough to double his entry fee.  In the home game, Adrian is a feared player who cashes regularly and keeps an even keel throughout a session.   I personally respect his play tremendously.  Now, Jason stands to make a decent amount of money and if he continues his solid play, he will be at the final table tomorrow.  I really wish him the best of luck – though he doesn’t need it (well – maybe when his 10’s flopped a boat vs a few bigger hands).   Regardless of that, he’s a great player and tirelessly works for our league (and others) to maintain the PokerSoup.com website.   I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a good run at the WSOP.  Hats off to Jason and Adrian!  And may tomorrow’s final table bear a crap-load of fruit in the form of green pieces of paper and dead presidents!


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