Favorable results continue

The recent wins have been tremendous for my confidence and my patience.   On June 30th, my neighbors and I won the weekly pub-trivia event at th local watering hole, and I also logged another $600+ poker day ($150K/year win rate…if it were repeatable). 

This comes on the eve of my original optimistic “go pro” date, and while I haven’t hit that optimistic date, I couldn’t be happier about what the future holds.  I’ve worked VERY hard over the last two years in an attempt to become adept at NLHE and have had my share of wins and losses and dished and been the victim of many a bad beat.  It’s all been worth it. 

While I don’t feel I have the bankroll just yet, I know I’m not far off.  I’m going to sit tight, continue with RE Appraisals during the day, and working the tables at night.  $/hr and ROI are where I want them at the moment – but I want to continue to demonstrate consistency and I want to have a bankroll that will sustain both California living/mortgage expenses AND a safe playing bankroll.   New target date is Jan 1st, 2009.  I’m thinking of using my FullTilt points to get a customized FullTilt Soccer Jersey with “Snyder 09” on the back in order to help keep that goal in my crosshairs!  Whaddya think?


One Response

  1. nice to see you back at the tables Snyder.

    I haven’t seen you much on FullTilt. Are you still playing there?


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