2-Tabling V1.0

2 Tabled for a short time (I don’t have much experience at this).  I suppose it has some benefits if you can keep tabs on both games.  Played a 6-H  $0.50/$1 for 15 mins while playing 9-H $1/$2 for about 45 mins.  Was up about $100 or so, and then seats to the left of me started to get filled by TAG players who seemed threatening.  After folding to one of them who re-raised me from the SB (I was button w/ KQo and had a TAG image myself), I decided to take a break and walk from both tables with my $87 profit and relax for a bit before scoping out another table.

Good quitting and bankroll/profit protection strategy I hope.  Either way, $87 isn’t bad for 45-mins, eh?  Glad to walk with that rather than zero and glad I saw the table dynamics change quickly so that I could get out before any damage was done.

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