The grind

Played several cash game tables and bounced around as I found looser tables and as the dynamics at the tables I sat at changed.  All cash games were winning sessions (7 total) – with a little bit here and a little bit there.   Up a total of $356 in cash games.  Played a few tourneys and did not cash for a net win so far today of $260.

This was an interesting day because I really had to bounce around to find loose tables and fish – constantly.  The last several sessions I’ve found juicy tables that stayed juicy and bore lots of fruit.  I like those better, but the skipping around keeps things fresh and encourages breaks – which is part of my overall strategy!

I’ve pretty much just played TAG from position poker and fared pretty well with picking my battles with looser players with my good hands.  Lots of times it’s big pots, but today was just several small/medium ones.  Either way it’s good I guess.   Happy with the performance and glad to have the challenge of moving around a lot.  Good practice for the “real world”.  Kinda highlights one of the benefits of online play vs live play too I guess.

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