WSOP Victory Party and my post-party activities

The party for Jason, Paul, and Adrian was really cool.  I really enjoyed spending time with the group away from the felt.  We need to do it more often.  The stories were great and there was so much laughter, it was infectious!  Lydia and Paul were the most gracious of hosts – and I think I can safely speak for everyone when I say it was an impressive spread of food and all-around-comfort.  It was an honor to be invited into their home – and a true act of generosity for them to provide so well for so many of us.  Gracias.

With that, Phil and his wife brought the coolest gift for Jason – it was a collage of some of the live feed info that featured descriptions of hands that Jason had won and a portion that showed the leaderboard standings when he hit his peak – 2nd place.  It was framed and just oozed with class, thoughtfulness, and was a fitting way to mark Jason’s 12th place finish at the WSOP.  There’s a reason that guys like Phil do so well in life and are so well respected by friends and peers.  He went the extra mile to celebrate the success of someone else.  Way cool…many many props!

As expected, a cash game broke out – even though people’s SO’s were there – who are obviously supportive of their poker partners, but not 100% down with getting into it themselves.

I was WAY tired from the previous night’s lack of sleep and opted out.  On the way home, my friend and his wife texted me to say they’d be at the pub and that I should meet them.  I was drinking water and 7-up all night, so I said what the heck – I’ll stop by to meet the wife’s dad who’s in town visiting.  I chilled with them for an hour and came home.

You know what happened next of course.  I scoped the lobby on FT for a juicy game with no wait…and was I ever in luck.  A few fish from previous encounters were seated, and without delay I took diligent notes and got ready to pounce.   I got involved in 3 big pots – of which I dictated the pot size – and won all 3.  After 17 minutes and 75 BB’s, I called it a night and began this post.  That puts today at about 250 BB’s total in just under 1 hour of total playing time (3 sub-20-minute sessions).  It’s kind of blowing my mind.

I feel like January 1st is too far away and that I’m going to want to move the date a bit closer.  However, it’s imperative that this is demonstrable long term, it’s imperative that I continue to quit more effectively than my competition, it’s imperative that I have a suitable bankroll that includes several months worth of living expenses, and it’s imperative that I know how to track and manage the “business” part of this endeavor.  Until those stars align, I will continue to juggle appraisals and poker…with the poker being technically “recreational”.

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