Thursday $2/$4 tables

Good 30 minute session.  Huge suckout from the fish within the first few hands.  Got my money in good, and he hit the miracle on the river.  No problem – no emotional melt-down, just re-loaded and was certain I’d get him back soon.  I immediately started the recovery process from a few of the other easy targets at the table.  But my focus was on trapping the fish with chips.  He seemed totally willing to gamble and would call big pre-flop raises from out of position players with weak drawing hands – so I figured as long as I didn’t piss him off and scare him away from the table, that I’d get it back somehow.

That’s what happened within about 10 hand when I got rockets.  He paid me off what I’d originally lost to him plus another $260 all in one hand.  He paired his K on the flop w/ KJo and called a $400+ bet with top pair, medium kicker.   My AA held up and it was good times.   Once I got that back, I stood up from the table $260 richer and focused on the other $2/$4 table I was playing at the same time.

The other table seemed juicy too – so I figured I’d stick around until my BB came up and maybe I’d just bail out with the $10 in profit I had so far there and net $270 for the day.   The poker gods had something else in mind.  Rockets again.  Lots of loose players at this table, and I  really only wanted one caller….first wish came true!   He had about $80 at the start of the hand (small considering the stacks of other players).  Flop came 474.  He had 67o.  I bet, he called.  Turn was another A (I now had a boat).  I checked, he bet, I smooth called.  He had $10 left.  I checked the river, hoping he’d shove it in – which he didn’t (rookie move on my part) and I took $70 of the $80 he had.  Stood up and started getting ready for Jason’s celebration tonight with an extra $340 in the FT account after a 30 minute work day.  Wee!

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