Quattro de Julio y Cinco de Julio

Friday – tough day.  Lots of ups/downs.  Didn’t get frustrated though.  There was a fish to my left who really just called with garbage – you couldn’t bet enough pre-flop to get him to fold.  He’d flop two pair with 63o vs AA for example.  Just insane.  Anyway, I said, “nh” after each beat so that he’d stick around.  Then I purposely played a little loose and paid off on some smaller pots so that I’d appear to be an idiot.  I’d mis-type things on purpose and excused myself to go get another beer and delared how much fun the table was.  I had everyone there thinking I was completely sh*t-faced.  I decided that when I had a monster, I’d keep over-betting the pot – and what-the-hell-do-you-know???   It worked.  They all thought I was some kind of idiot and just kept calling down and when I had the goods, they were stooped.  While I didn’t make everything back, I did make the majority of it back and had a good time turing some bad-luck into something fun and never went on tilt.   I was down for the day, but not too bad.

Today (Saturday), I’ve recouped for the most part already by 10:30am (roughly 1-day’s target earnings) and am ready for a break.  Yesterday’s blood-letting was an extremely good test of how I’ll handle losing days/sessions/hands.   And today’s bounce-back was needed and deserved.  Table/seat selection were key – as was getting up when the dynamics changed and everyone played similarly (TAG).

After yesterday, I feel like the beats in the cash games aren’t as emotionally crushing as they are in the tourneys.  A bad beat at the right time in a tourney sends you packing with no opportunity to recover.  In a cash game, as long as you’ve got the bankroll to be able to stay at the table – you can re-load, keep your cool, and show the donk’s who’s boss!

Off to go walk the neighbor’s dog and perhaps get cracking on my last remaining appraisal class.

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  1. Playing dumb = fun! There is something especially fun into making people think that you have no clue and then kicking their butts.

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