Heads Up

Ok, so I was playing and this dude called a HUGE bet on a flush draw and rivered me for a big pot.  I gave him a bit of grief – but not too bad.  He got defensive right away and challenged me to heads up.  He was on tilt for some reason – I was actually feeling pretty good.  I’ve watched him play over the last few days/weeks and feel I’m the better player.  So I said, “what the heck”.

40 minutes later I was ahead 250 BB’s.  I told him thanks for returning my money and then some – and got up for dinner.  He called me a wuss.  I told him that was unnecessary as we kinda proved that we were both decent players.  I said that just cause I was up 250 BB’s in 40 mins didn’t mean I was any better than he was.  I said we’d surely see each other at the tables again, and it’d be best if we respected one another.  Pretty funny I think – but partially true.

 So – back in the right direction (with some bad-ass-authority) after the disaster on Monday. 

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