Rubber-man and the bouncy back!

After recent mishaps, I decided to go to sleep early last night and spend the morning buried in a book I just picked up – “How to Think Like A Poker Pro”.  I’m glad I did.  I wished I’d read one of the chapters a few days earlier.  Might have helped me preserve what dignity I had prior to Thurs/Fri.

Anyway, after reading it I decided that I wanted to be the type of person who had heart, grit, and perseverance.   I accepted that my bad run yesterday was partly due to luck, but primarily due to my own stubbornness.  In my color coding, I’d labeled the easy guys green and gradually up to red as the player was more skilled.  I was making calls with top pair top kicker versus these orange/red opponents.  What I found during the course of those hands was that they don’t bluff regularly if someone’s fighting back.  They’ve got trips if they’re putting up a fight.  I learned the hard way.  But it made me better today.

So, before I sat down to play I took out a sheet of paper and I wrote 4 things.
1)  Slow & Steady…as in “wins the race”
2)  Marathon…not sprint
3)  Lose the battle, win the war
4)  Thank Lisa

The top 3 are pretty easy to figure out – and they definitely contributed.  But #4 bears some explanation:

Lisa was my girlfriend of over 1 year.  When I started to become passionate about poker, she was flat out unsupportive.   She had a friend who’s brother had a gambling problem – she considered poker gambling – she assumed I’d have a problem.  It drove us apart and I always longed for her acceptance.  I feel it could have saved the relationship.

Anyway, now a year and a half after we broke up – I spoke to her today.  She’s dating someone else who apparently makes her very happy.  And that makes me happy – because I am the kind of person who genuinely likes the people I choose to spend a year of my life with – and I ultimately want them to be happy – whether it’s with me, or someone else – I want them to be happy.  That’s what friends are for.   Anyway, she asked about the poker playing.  I explained the good and the bad.  And how I’ve been handling myself under the winning and losing circumstances.  To hear her say that it sounded like I knew what I was doing, had a handle on it, was being smart about it, and that it sounded like I was doing the right thing for me…well, it was the thing I needed to hear the most…and from the person I so badly wanted to hear it from the most.   So, “Thanks Lisa”.  Later is better than never.  :-)

Anyway, maybe I’m too much of a typical man (boy?), but I do need that kind of approval, support, and validation from the next Lisa who enters my life.

Oh – and as for results…up 230 BB’s, but that suddenly doesn’t matter.

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