Performance vs Results

So today was a short “experiment”.  I decided that my tight aggressive play was beginning to be exploitable and that I needed to do something to be perceived as dangerous too.  Some of the worst beatings I’ve taken were from players who were extremely loose, but genuinely crafty.  You never knew what hand they’d have because they’d raise with connectors, suited cards, suited connectors, monster hands, you name it.  Somehow when it came to showdown my top pair/top kicker or even two-pair was never good enough.

My idea was to play the tight aggressive guys with those suited and connected cards when I was in position and could get in relatively cheaply.  They’re easy to get away from if you don’t hit and aren’t too tempted to chase.  If you can keep the pot small, then pursue – but if the heat rises, get the hell out.    My normal instinct would be to not tangle with the tight-aggressive players at all.   In addition, I decided that vs the loosey-goosey’s, I’d play both – the connected, suited, suited-connected, the strong A’s, the big pairs, etc.  I’d mix it up between raise, limp, med-raise, min-raise, big-raise…tried to be TOTALLY random.

It was WAY outside my comfort zone, but in the hour that I dedicated to this, I learned a lot and had great success.  I played a hand that I swore I’d never play – KT…it was suited.  I flopped the nuts and everyone seemed interested in the pot.  SB flopped a set of J’s and the BB flopped 2-pair (Q’s & J’s)  The SB lead out with a medium bet.  BB smooth called.  I smooth called.   Turn was a blank.  SB bet small.  BB shoved the rest (2.5X the SB bet).  I smooth called.  SB shoved the rest of his stack.  I called and it was game on – the board luckily didn’t pair and my hand held up.  Felted 2 guys in one hand.   Suddenly I like KT.

Anyway – I think that’s it for me today.  I needed this as a morale booster.  My mind was soaring with doubt all night last night and I hardly slept.  I know I’m a good player – but I’m well aware that there are always holes that can use some plugging.   Experimenting will keep it fun and interesting and keep my opponents guessing when they’re playing me – rather than just play ABC against me.  Big sigh of relief.  :-)

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  1. Nice one Snyde. Keep up the good work.

    Don’t be so results oriented and concentrate on how to exploit the players you’re at the table with but you know that already….

    It’s always fun to experiment just don’t lose your BR doing it!

    Continued success Snyder!

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